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  1. to have terrain instead of detail for you map you have use the following settings in your defines file. If you want to toggle between the two, then you will need to different mapcontrols in your defines file and a button to show them. here is the code to make a map control show terrain

    class RscMapControl


    type = CT_MAP_MAIN;

    maxSatelliteAlpha = 0;

    alphaFadeStartScale = 0;

    alphaFadeEndScale = 0;

    For detail

    class RscMapControl


    type = CT_MAP_MAIN;

    maxSatelliteAlpha = 0.85;

    alphaFadeStartScale = 2;

    alphaFadeEndScale = 2;

  2. We are looking for individuals who are very experienced in the following
    Scripting for server side Add-ons
    Scripting for client side
    GUI creation and integration

    We are willing to pay $30 USD an hour for development time and Q&A sessions.
    We only pay using PayPal or services that accept PayPal payments.

    Our project is almost 2 years old and is in need of experienced individuals to do the things we have planned for the future.
    We do not care if you have other projects or are part of other communities, no loyalty required, this is strictly pay for time on our tasks.

    contact me on discord LifeSnatcher#6222

  3. On 5/10/2020 at 6:52 PM, Cobra Commander said:

    Is there anyway to get this script to act before players load in? Not sure how to describe what I am asking. Essentially the composition I am using has our playable slots and I am hoping there is a way to init the script before players hit the lobby screen so they can slot.


    Yes you can spawn the comp in on server start but you wont get the results you want. Arma requires playable units to be defined in the mission file. Below are links to how to spawn your comp in on load. You can write your own script to identify the units from the comp that you want to replace with the mission created playable units. Copy the comp units loadouts and positions and then apply that to the playable units from the mission file. Players shouldn't know the difference.

    This lists the files that allow you call scripts at specific times in the order of initialization.


    This is for registering functions and when they should be called. Search the page for "postInit".



  4. I was able to solve the problem with vehicles not executing their way points. I did this by checking each vehicle with a squad leader in it and making the driver/commander/or gunner the squad leader. if anyone needs this code just message.

    regarding aircraft crashing after spawn. It occurs when there are alot of units to spawn so lag. what i did was modified the spawner to put planes at 2k or 3k altitude after spawn and helicopters at 700 meters.


    regarding spawning items issues i found that it was in part because of my misunderstanding of the spawner settings and also i had to put a line of code in the spawn when spawning big objects to align to terrain.

  5. We use this spawner as an essential part of our framework to spawn our missions on our multiplayer server. With out it we would be screwed. Having said that we have some difficulties with it that we could use some help understanding.
    In the current downloadable source only the .stratis mission has file changes from December of 2018.

    But there is a changes.txt file that says to refrence the .vr mission for the new changes.
    But the .vr mission does not have file changes in it from December 2018

    But the .vr mission file does use a Boolean for setting the "//TRUE to use positions( OBJECT ) direction" and does not throw errors when used with the Boolean.

    The .stratis mission does have a comment in it for using Boolean for direction but does not use it.
    we tried to use the following code with both the source from the .stratis mission and the .vr mission but it produces and error provided below.

    private _compRef = 


        _mission_name,  //Composition to spawn

        [],             //position to spawn, passed OBJECT

        [0,0,0],        //Calculated offset

        true,           //TRUE to use positions( OBJECT ) direction

        false,          //Do NOT align with surface normal

        false,          //Do NOT align with water

        false           //Ignore composition items ATL offset <<NEW parameter see fn_createComp.sqf and fn_setPositionAndRotation.sqf

    ] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp;

    We get this error

    _cfgOffset = [ _cfgOffset, 360 - _compRot ] call BIS_fnc_rotateVector2D>
      Error position: <- _compRot ] call BIS_fnc_rotateVector2D>
      Error -: Type Bool, expected Number,Array,Not a Number
    File \AltisJSOC\LARs\spawnComp\functions\fn_setPositionAndRotation.sqf [LARs_fnc_setPositionAndRotation]..., line 35


    further more in all three mission the comments describing the available initial function call parameters do not match.
    all of this causes us confusion when deciding which code and parameters to use in our framework.
    We have been keeping our missions very simple because of some issues we have encountered but we would like to start creating more complex missions using this spawner.

    There are more than a few big issues we have encountered so far.
    One, we cant use complex way points. its not the end of the world so we keep it simple and rely on our framework to do complex stuff.
    Two, when spawning AI in vehicles they dont always execute their simple move way points. We found that this is because the squad leader inst in the right seat. This could be a multiplayer Arma issue. we had to write a fix for this.
    Three, when spawning in a lot of ai in vehicles over/in water there is lag and they seem to fall from the sky and die. no fix for this currently
    Four, we can not for the life of us figure out the right combination of spawn settings to ensure our objects are where we placed them in the Eden editor. We have to take great care to snap objects in the eden editor but still this dosent always work. it effects both AI and objects.

    We love this script but we could use some enlightenment so that we can expand our capabilities on our framework and continue to use this awesome script.

  6. i'm having an issue where my placement of objects is not always being respected. I am using your most recent code source. If you could tell me what configuration settings im applying wrong when calling the function i would be most grateful. Ive tried a variation of combinations but none seem to place my object correctly.
    here is what it looks like.

    we have your spawn er in our server side addon. we use it to spawn full missions, everything but this works great. we have been avoiding placing objects in complex positions in our 100+ missions up until now. we would really like to be able to place objects freely if possible.

    we have tried this combination in many different ways

    //spawn missoin and get comosition id

    private _compRef = 









    ] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp;

  7. 1 hour ago, Larrow said:

    Works fine for me if I load up your mod and test the functions exist and work.

    How are you testing? As I see in your picture you are calling feature_0_fnc_apply from the initPlayerLocal.sqf.

    If your testing on a dedicated then nothing will happen as the function is in a server side mod only.


    yep your right. works fine when i RE if from initserver.sqf.

    how can i call functions from the client?

  8. Hi,

    Im using this script for the first time today and it sounds awesome and perfect however, Its not working for me. Im trying to use it in my base only and i put my items on the ground and walked away. i waited and nothing happened. im using a marker that is 200 x 300. here is the code in my init file. i get no errors and no message about not being server, so i assume its running. i put a first aid kit down and a couple of mags. i want it to be 1 meter that a player is away so that it cleans up the items at the arsenal, should a player drop stuff on the ground.


    if (isServer) then {
            fnc_cleanup = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\cleanup.sqf";
            null = [
                ((getMarkerSize "mb_marker_13") call BIS_fnc_greatestNum),
            ] spawn fnc_cleanup;

  9. is this really solved??

    if so, does it work for all Enemy Infantry?

    If it does why am i getting this error message "Error missing ]" when using this code.



    params ["_missionabrev", "_taskid"];

    _v_taskname = _missionabrev + "EndTask";
    _v_markername = _missionabrev + "Marker_1";

    //create task
    SMEndTask = [west,[_v_taskname],["SideMission Update: Kill remaining Hostiles!", "SideMission Update: Kill remaining Hostiles!", "SideMission Update: Kill remaining Hostiles!"],getMarkerPos _v_markername,true,5,true,"attack",True] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate;

    your_global_init_count = count (allUnits select {side _x == east && _x inArea your_trigger_name});
    count ( thisList select { side _x == east } )<= 0.1 * your_global_init_count;

    SMTrg_alldead = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getMarkerPos _v_markername];
    SMTrg_alldead setTriggerArea [500, 500, 0, false];   
    SMTrg_alldead setTriggerStatements ["0.1 * ( count ( allDeadMen select { _x inArea thisTrigger &&  ( [getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _x >> "side")] call BIS_fnc_sideType == east ) } ) + count ( thisList select { side _x == east })) >= count ( thisList select { side _x == east });" ,  "SMEndTask = ['" + _v_taskname + "', 'SUCCEEDED',true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; ['" + _missionabrev + "', '" + _taskid + "']  call TLS_fnc_spawnEndSMFunc;  ", ""];
    SMTrg_alldead setTriggerTimeout [1, 1, 1, false]


  10. here is my function in its entirity. in its current state its not working. please help


    params ["_missionabrev", "_taskid"];

    _v_taskname = _missionabrev + "EndTask";
    _v_markername = _missionabrev + "Marker_1";

    //create task
    SMEndTask = [west,[_v_taskname],["SideMission Update: Kill remaining Hostiles!", "SideMission Update: Kill remaining Hostiles!", "SideMission Update: Kill remaining Hostiles!"],getMarkerPos _v_markername,true,5,true,"attack",True] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate;

    private _centre = getMarkerPos _v_markername;
    private _radius = 500;
    SMareaUnits = allunits select {( (side _x == EAST) && ((getpos _x) distance _centre < _radius) )};

    SMTrg_alldead = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getMarkerPos _v_markername];
    SMTrg_alldead setTriggerArea [500, 500, 0, false];   
    SMTrg_alldead setTriggerActivation ["NONE", "NOT PRESENT", true];
    SMTrg_alldead setTriggerStatements ["({not alive _x && side _x == east} count SMareaUnits) <= ((({alive _x && side _x == east} count SMareaUnits))*0.5);" ,  "SMEndTask = ['" + _v_taskname + "', 'SUCCEEDED',true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; ['" + _missionabrev + "', '" + _taskid + "']  call TLS_fnc_spawnEndSMFunc;  ", ""];
    SMTrg_alldead setTriggerTimeout [1, 1, 1, false]


    when a task is complete on a mission it calls this function to add kill the rest task. but i only want players to have to kill %80 of the bad guys cuz some get stuck or hide really well.


  11. 3 hours ago, pierremgi said:

    Could you write your script? It's difficult to help you with parts of codes coming from nowhere.

    Just an example: thisList could return peanuts at start (even I imagine it's in a trigger's condition), Then 0 = 0 will fire.

    this is a script im calling as a function. as you can see the parameters at the top. first id like the merge the two segments of code to create a working segement then im happy to put it where ever is best, on a trigger or logic module, or keep it in my script file as a function.

  12. ok so i suck at arma scripting. Im having trouble combining these two scripts. if someone with scripting knowledge could help me i would greatly appreciate it.


    private _centre = getMarkerPos "my_marker";

    private _radius = 500;

    private _areaUnits = allunits select {( (side _x == EAST) && ((getpos _x) distance _centre < _radius) )};

    waitUntil { sleep 1; { alive _x } count _areaUnits == 0 }


    other script


    ({not alive _x && side _x == east} count thisList) <= ((({alive _x && side _x == east} count thisList))*0.5);

  13. 2 minutes ago, helicopterenthusiast said:

    Well don't know how to use them so I have always used modules. I believe modules also help the missions be playable after Arma 3 updates too.

    And missions of mine can indeed be tiring to create but they have no issues afterwards and can be managed by my short scripting skills anytime.

    Also they do have much more than simple kill all enemies tasks :thumbs-up:


    As i said, i need to dynamically create tasks because im running a server that allows users to submit compositions/missions and i spawn them in with a parser. so if you dont know scripting then why post here. unless your looking to increase your forum score.