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  1. Austin1346

    Mission doesn't have any slots in it?

    Is there a way to see what addons/mods are attached to a mission file? I have the pbo and have unpacked it but haven't found like a mod/addon list of any sort.
  2. I've had this mission for a long time and I always go back to it to play it with friends. It requires mods (RHS U.S, Russia, and GREF) so that's what I've been using along with some others like CBA/enhanced movement/MCC/Personal Arsenal... etc. I loaded it up today with the same mods and none of the slots are showing up for some reason. In an attempt to fix, I took out the mods I added that broke it, but the mission STILL has no slots. After hours of trying to fix it I tried launching with only the 3 required mods and still no luck. I have no idea how to fix it or trouble shoot it because I know nothing about how the game works so I've resorted to asking others. Thanks for the help in advance. Mission I'm trying to load, notice it only requires 3 mods. Also on a side note this is a steam workshop mission that is located in Documents>Arma 3>Saved>steammpmission. I strongly believe that either a mod I have is breaking this, or a mod I don't have is causing it to break.