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  1. KING OF THE HILL ARMA 3 Why was I banned? You do not have the right to ban players because they play on other servers, you are monopolizing the game as if it were yours and this is very wrong because the game has free servers and nobody can tell us what we can or can not play in person, I even believed the server was yours, but that's not the case. What I want to say here is that you are banning unfairly people who are getting tired of their jobs that activate the computer to have fun and not be afraid to choose which server to play because someone does not like. Sorry to say, but you're being too radical to ban the players "CHILD'S ATTITUDE" what they should do was simply reset the account of who was using the other (simple) server. I honestly did not pay almost $ 100 in the game to be banned unfairly and this should not even be in dispute I was playing with my friends on a 10x test server and was banned without doing anything. The only crime I committed was to kill a friend on the base because it was bothering all the other players, including me. If this 10x server exists, it's your fault and not ours. it was you who let the files leak review your attitudes obs. I'm Brazilian, and my English is bad. and now??? Battleye Admin Ban (ws51932)