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  1. I resolved the problem by switching to a better motherboard, processor and ram...
  2. firstblood

    Which CPU for Arma 3?

    I play in a clan which play Military Simulation, coop missions. I have an AMD processor and could not bring FPS over 25-30. Despite the cooler I checked and saw the temperature going 'till 80 degrees!! I didn't make research specifically for arma 3. For the other games the pc works well but not for arma, and now I am considering buying an i7-7700K and throw away all the issues caused by the AMD processor. The graphics works well! I have an nvidia 1060 6 GB, even if I put all the settings to low and the visual distance to 500 meters FPS don't increase, maybe just 3-4 but not more! ArmA is hungry with CPU so the best I could afford I'll buy it. I want my games to run smooth at anytime, even when things goes hot, explosions and bullet everywhere.. The CPU need to do a lot of calculation so the best it is... the best the game will work
  3. I have the same problem but my fps start already at 30-35 and then reach 10-12 at some points.. what could we do about it?