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  1. If I am using the arma3.exe and I start BD it says: "Cannot load texture hamilton\data\layers\s_000_000_Ico.paa." If I am Paste my folder into Arma 3 root directory it is working fine, although I left "Data Directory" in the settings as P:\. But even if I copied it to A3 root folder BD isn't working as it should.
  2. I have another Problem now. When i edit the terrain via buldozer its not transfered to TB. When i move around objects it is working but if I use the Brush Tools to lower/raise the terrain it is not written to TB. This normally should work automatically and doesn't needs a manual transfer, does it? Edit: If I use the Edit terrain Tab in TB itselfs, the modificated terrain is shown in BD but not in TB.
  3. Ok, wow now its working. I used the real worlds coordinates for my map. Thank you very much, but why isn't it working with other coordinates then 200000, 0?
  4. I have just created a new Project imported the heightmap, satimg and mask layers.cfg and textures and then build the terrain. Then I added one polyline tried it out but it doesn't worked. Then I tried it with Stratis shapefiles again and it worked. I've packed it with pboproject this time and no errors are thrown just a warning but i guess thats cause i didn't defined weather and lightning in my config.
  5. I will try it out. But an error in config would't affect bulldozer and it wouldn't work with stratis roads then, would it?
  6. I am using Addon Builder and downloaded the buldozer script. But the point is that is was working, in Buldozer and ingame, when i copied the stratis road data(from a3\map_stratis\data\roads) and pasted it into my Island's road folder(Hamilton\data\roads). But as soon as I use my own exported data I get nothing. So i guess the error is somewhere in the shapefiles and not in the script or the PBO packing tool because then stratis roads also wouldn't work in my project.
  7. I have only one layer named "roads" at the moment with these five roads which you can see on the screenshot. I've also tried to do more than one layer but I didn't worked too.
  8. I just saw the Tab "roads" in TB. Is it another way to add roads to Arma or is it somenthing else? PS: In my first post I mean Buldozer and not Terrain Builder.
  9. Im tried to add Roads to my map, but they are not displayed in Terrain Builder/Ingame. I draw Polylines, right clicked them and added the Database Properties ID,ORDER,__LAYER. Then I pressed File -> Export -> Shapes... and selected current Layer(also tried with Selection and Selection of Layers). The files are in the data/roads where they belong. The roadslib.cfg is copy n' pasted from the data of Stratis. I also tried to make the Shapefiles with Global Mapper and QGIS but it still don't works. When I just copied the road data from Altis and Stratis it was working fine in TerrainBuilder and Ingame. roadslib.cfg: In the config.cpp I added: Screenshot of my map and the database Properties: Screenshot of my folder structure: I hope someone can help me. Best regards, Tim