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  1. John Tagg

    Merry Xmas Argo

    fixing the points glich would be a nice Christmas present lol
  2. John Tagg


    yea cool buddy I know you guys are trying your best.
  3. John Tagg


    nice to see two servers back up and running now just need to get the pings down to what they were before
  4. John Tagg


    good luck with that one cool breeze, you will just get the basic answer " we are working on it "
  5. John Tagg


    Still no server, when will they be back, you are losing players hand over fist from our side of the world.
  6. John Tagg

    player healing ?

    Reviving/healing same crap it should be a quick process we are not dealing with real people its a game, if you force respawn you all ways spawn with your back to the enemy so you get shot again and again, if you are a player you know it suxs it not that hard to fix and before you bag my playing skills I have over 700 hrs into this game and I am ready to max out my level, and the last update did not make it easier in combat patrol you dropped the hitting power of most of our guns and I believe you increased the body armour of the AI, and the fact the AI can walk though walls and cars and even shoot you though walls I would not call that making it easier. thanks
  7. John Tagg


    2018 lol
  8. John Tagg

    player healing ?

    Why does it take so long for a player to get up after being healed and why do you all ways face the wrong way after being shot, this is so annoying by the time you turn around you are shot again ?
  9. John Tagg

    Argo points dissaperaing?

    I have been losing a lot of kill points in this game lately I may have 20 kills but when I get to the score screen there is only 16 kills ? whats up with that
  10. John Tagg


    why is it all ways the Oceania servers that are down it suxs
  11. John Tagg


    yea now three days, this is not good, hope its up soon.
  12. John Tagg


    cool its been two days now lol been hanging out to play
  13. Are the Oceania servers down again if so when will they be back on ? thanks
  14. How come the Oceania servers have stopped working since this last update ??