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    More Unit Slots

    Hi, i saw today that i only can have 3 Units. But i think thats not enough. I have a Multigaming Clan, a MilSim Roleplay Clan and a Life Roleplay Clan. Then i want to JOIN a unit of a friend but my slots are full. I think 3 or 5 OWN units are oke but 5-10 Slots to join is better. I hope really that this can get changed. Regards, NiceKype
  2. NiceKype

    More Unit Slots

    Did i get still a answer?
  3. hi all, i have a important question. Is it possible to retexture a vest without any mods? I want a vestskin on my altis life server. Is that possible? If yes how? Thats the code of uniforms: if (uniform player isEqualTo "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam") then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\med\notarzt.paa"]; }; Another number or and delete uniform and write vest? I hope so, thanks NiceKype