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  1. WHAT IS CHAIRBORNE? CHAIRBORNE [CB] is a military gaming unit (Not a milsim) we play as a variety of different forces, throughout a variety of different time periods on a variety of maps with a variety of weapons. Essentially we are the definition of variety. BUT I WANT A VIRTUAL RANK?! Not to worry! We use a Rank System and a COC to make us all military-esque, we use what we like to call a 'universal rank system' but not that silly one that NATO uses. We use the following ranks : [OFC] Officer [SNCO] Senior Non-Commissioned Officer [NCO] Non-Commissioned Officer [PVT] Private [RCT] Recruit WILL I HAVE TO DO BASIC INFANTRY TRAINING? *SIGHS* Kinda, you as a fresh faced and ever so optimistic recruit are required to undertake C.L.I.T (Chairborne Light Infantry Training) it lasts 1 Hour and essentially helps us to help you help yourself. Dont worry, theres only 1 slideshow. I AM 13 YEARS OLD, CAN I JOIN? No. No you cant. The minimum age requirement for CHAIRBORNE is 18. Sorry its just we have to watch what we say in work, we wont be doing it at home. DO YOU USE MODS? Yes. HOW MANY MODS? Enough. SIGN ME UP! Good stuff! Head on over to the [CB] Website and go to the Join Us page! Make sure to read the community rules first, they're kinda helpful! [CB]