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  1. Yes, layers.cfg should be correct. Because I am using a tutorial from the PMC editing wiki, It Is all tutorial-based stuff, and I set up the P drive with Arma tools and mounted It with arma tools, everything worked well.
  2. For some odd reason, I am getting an error when I am trying to generate terrain layers, It does not give me a reason as to why It Is unable to load the file, It simply states that It failed to load. I've tried looking for errors In the coding given from Information In previous threads but no luck, everything seems fine, I am not sure why It does this. I am pretty sure everything Is In the right places and such. --------------------------- TerrainBuilder Error --------------------------- Layers generation - Unable to load the file "P:\tut\tut_tutorial_terrain\source\layers.cfg". --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Here Is a picture of my source folder, http://prntscr.com/w2g71b
  3. These are great animations. One of a kind if you'd say. There is not a large variety of animations for ArmA III. You have Direone. Rismarck, and the vanilla Arma III MOCAP Animations. +1