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  1. I am a bit confused. I have changed some of the values in the TPW_MODS.hpp file using notepad. These changes were saved multiple times. However I do not see any civilians or hear any noises now. Did I edit the file wrong or something? Thanks!
  2. @Evil Organ Thanks, i was able to start the game now. How do I use these "modules" in the editor? I do not understand the instructions. In Zues there is a list of TPW modules. How do I make these work in the editor and/or Zues? Thanks so much!
  3. Please Help! I am getting an error message ("Include file userconfig/TPW_MODS/TPW_MODS.hpp not found") that crashes Arma 3 while attempting to load the game with the TPW mod installed. I do not seem to have a steamapps folder on my computer at all. When I search the entire drive, I get a steam folder containing only the ".exe" shortcut, but no steamapps folder. As a result I have used the second folder location, described: Installing to the "My Documents\Arma3" folder. After extraction, your folder setup could than look like this: C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\Documents\Arma 3\@Mod_folder_2\Addons\[mod files (.pbo & .bisign)] This is reflected in screenshot number two, linked below. I have posted screenshots of the error message as well as the unzipped file for the mod in my windows file explorer. I feel that I am missing something easy/small here and any help would be much appreciated. Please let me know if you need more screenshots or information to help. Thanks!