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  1. So, i need to install an old driver?
  2. Display: 1920x1200 Distance: 2000-2500 AA is antialiasing?: I think... x8 I use nvidia game experience to optimize the game
  3. Hello! I alredy have these options changed. Your game settings are in Ultra? My view Distance its in 2000-2500
  4. ok i'll try too! Thanks!
  5. Hey Yxman! I have tested the game and the fps: -Editor: kavala - 60-80fps tanoa (georgtown) - 50-60-80fps -Campaign: Tanoa - 50-80fps -Multiplayer: -> Escape of Malden OFFICIAL SERVER 16/18 players 40 ping - . In full combat with fire, near tank explosions, rpg shots, tanks destroyed, smoke, etc: 30-35 fps aproximated . Without fire and explosions: 55-70fps -> KotH 90 players 40 ping ALTIS Custom . Kavala: In air- 55fps | In car- 30fps | Foot- 30-40fps with 25fps lowest and 50fps highest | Out of kavala: 60fps -> Altis Life 53 players Plata o Plomo (Spanish server) 35 ping . Kavala Center: 30fps A question... whats IPC? the same of CPU? -ps: the 7800x is a 6core cpu, not 8core... : Sorry! Its true!, its a 6core cpu Thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks Valken, so the problem is with CPU... Thanks again! I will try to oc the cpu!
  7. Hi, I have bought a new PC and in Arma 3 I usually get 40-50fps and decreases to 30fps. My PC settings are: GPU: MSI GTX 1080TI 11GB Mother Board: MSI x299 Pro Carbon CPU: i7 7800x (8 cores) HEAT SINK: Noctua NH-D15S RAM: 32GB HARD DRIVE: Samsung 960 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD PCI-e 512GB Is it normal to have these FPS in Arma with this PC settings? I read Arma 3 used more CPU than GPU. I have also read that for games its better a cpu with 4 cores and more latency (like 7700K) than my 7800x. How can I get more fps or more stability in the game? Is anything wrong? (CPU ~40-50ºC in game) HELP PLEASE! Thanks!