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    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    Since i updated the game several hours ago i have experienced several bugs: -Infected and wolves hitting me through the wall if we are close by each other ( Same thing with busses and tents ) -There is a line across the ocean as if it is not loaded correctly ( minor bug ) -Headshots aren't working anymore ( they don't kill the infected but to regular weapon damage ) and rarely happen if you do get lucky ( without marksman perk ) -I am unable to use the boat to the 4th island, it is made of wood and gives me the message "0" ( only have been able to reach it once, i am not aware if this is frequent ) -Map bugged out and is not showing, same with crafting guide, etc ( Traveling to new island or restarting/reloading the game didn't fix it ) Positive feedback: +Great new shooting system ( aim wise ) +Shotgun nerf +New infected +Weapon attachments! +Gas stations give a nice future for vehicles And a lot more great things to say about the game and the posibilities for it Device Information: Samsung S5 Neo Android version: 6.0.1