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    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    First off, I absolutely love this game for what it it's worth. These points also have more to do with gameplay than technical issues. The white screen crashes can be frustrating...eg. Found a helicopter crash site with NVG's and awesome weaponry only to have the game crash. After which I then rediscovered the site to find flares and a gas mask...damn. The hostile survivors on IOS have a ridiculous engagement range with firearms. They will start shooting at you well before you can even see them. Your only hope in a firefight is to take shots at the scout icon while they are off screen and shoot at a target you can't see. By the time your reticle closes on them they have already placed 2-4 rounds on you from off screen. Not to mention they can shoot through certain buildings and vehicles (buses are not good cover) A perk that increases your field of view would be very useful...or just have the ability to adjust it. It's too limited as is. More options for friendly AI would be appreciated. And not having them shoot at a zombie through the back of your head with a shotgun blast every encounter would be a nice feature as well. Still though, awesome game.