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  1. For many years, I've been browsing silently, many handy forum like this one. Now that I have an account(finaly hit the button) and my english is a bit better. Just want to say a big THANK YOU ALL...for your time, and expertise. The arma community is amazingly generous and I hope I can give something back from now on. Here's a dime, some advices that helped my learning curve: -May be slow at start but writing manualy (from scartch) some basic code blocks, gives you a better/faster understanding of code structure and syntaxe. (copy/paste is fine but sometimes, less educative) -Take the time to search any unknown commands on the wiki. May look obscure at first but digestion as to start somewhere. -Actualy trying to assemble some script before asking on forums may help you understand the "gentlemens" that takes time to answer. It also give's you a better insight on what to search or ask. -Since locality was my worst enemy at the begining, I used to script a "proof of concept" of my idea in singleplayer before struggling with the MP or dedicated version.
  2. You probably dont need this anymore but for the sake of a final answer...You can use public variables and triggers to work around this locality problem. It also help(sometimes) if you are using AI mods and need to control some waypoints Working in MP and dedicated Init.sqf goQRF = 0; goConvoy = 0; place a "move" waypoint for the convoy (where you want it to wait). Any behavior should work but recommend "Stealth" and "force holdfire" for ambushes. - Condition field: goConvoy == 1 Do the same for the QRF team - Condition field: goQRF == 1 Now place your radio trigger - On Activation field: goConvoy = 1; publicVariable "goConvoy"; And your BLUFOR detected trigger - On activation field: goQRF = 1; publicVariable "goQRF";