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  1. 28-02-2018


    Update 1.09


    Size of the update: 301,2 MB


    General News:
    February Monthly Challenge is Raid in La Trinite with SMGs


    Added: SMGs soldier classes for new Monthly Challenge
    Fixed: Raid - Some score reward from the last round could not affect the MVP screen sorting of players

  2. 31-01-2018

    Update 1.08

    Size of the update: 230,2 MB


    General News:
    February Monthly Challenge is Link in Arudy (pistols and grenades only)


    Added: New soldier classes for Pistol Round Monthly Tournament
    Fixed: MVP screen in new monthly challenge don´t use animations designed for rifles
    Changed: Witch Hunt - Scenario no longer uses custom loadouts
    Changed: Combat Patrol - score for revive is set to 200 points -  awarded only if the revived player was incapacitated by an AI, only for 5 revives in the match (caps on 1000 XP / 2000 $)


    Changed: Player with level 25 pays for skill tree reset only 49 999 AC


    Known issue:
    Some score reward could not affect the MVP screen sorting of players

  3. 12 hours ago, lSRTl -ElBrayita- said:

    Now edit it, now, can you help me !?

    Hi, thanks for your report.
    The difference in points is there due to the fact we do not take into account points from combat patrol and hunt.
    We will enlist this information into the leaderboards to avoid misunderstanding as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


  4. 12 hours ago, lSRTl -ElBrayita- said:

    are you serious!? Mine mode favorite is RAID man..


    I've checked your report and find out, that Monthly Challenge Raid is named like classic Raid. We're going to release a small hotfix to address this issues today, sorry for inconveniences, your favorite mode will be back soon ;) 

  5. 14 hours ago, lSRTl -ElBrayita- said:

    Hey, I've been playing ARGO for almost a year and I do not understand why shit a 500mb update makes the game go disgusting, first, I do not have my weapons, second, at the end of the game you can not choose a map like before and third, why the fuck They give me such crappy weapons at the start of each game and not mine, completely disappointed ..

    First of all... everyone is entitled to an opinion but I might have to swing the hammer if you don't find a way to show your opinion without being offensive.
    And to your questions, our QA checked your report and only Monthly Challenge scenario (for this month Raid MOUT) has preset loadouts and map. If you'd like to use your weapons, choose a different game mode.

    If you experience the issue for longer time, please report the issue to our Feedback Tracker: https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/12/


  6. 03-01-2018

    Update 1.07

    Size of the update: 494,2 MB


    General News:
    January monthly challenge is Raid - MOUT


    Fixed: Raid - Score reward for hacking a terminal would not affect the MVP table score in some cases
    Fixed: Raid - Problematic objective progress bar animations


    Known issue:
    Raid - Some score reward from the last round could not affect the MVP screen sorting of players