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    30-11-2017 Update 1.06 Size of the update: 400.2 MB General news: Next Monthly Challenge scenario is Clash in La Trinite with preset loadouts UI: Changed: Monthly Challenge uses new icon Known issues: Clash - Sometime the mission objective name could be incorrect in players UI, map shows correct names Bugfixes: Fixed: Combat Patrol - Players would not get kicked if they repeatedly incapacitated and revived others in some cases Fixed: Link - Error in MVP screen if a player didn't spawn for the last round
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    Ban? 0_o

    There were some issues with Bohemia account on Friday. Sorry for inconveniences.
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    Monthly challenge

    Most of your matches ended under 2 minutes, many under one minute, in dozens of cases hunter found witch in approximately 30s. Miracles? You repeatedly connected and gathered points every 2 minutes using this “scheme”. I am not gonna make all these logs visible to everyone, but you know the best how do you behave while playing. One thing I don't get is why were you doing this? Even without exploiting, you would still have enough points for winning this competition. I hope to see you winning fair and square in the next one.
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    Monthly challenge

    Check your spam folder, the e-mail was sent to e-mail address you set. You have been banned for farming Monthly Challenge, you know exactly what's going on. Hello Sajjad.
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    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    Thanks for report ;) Ban for foul language is being processed atm.
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    13-11-2017 Hotfix 1.05.1 Size of the hotfix: 224.2 MB Added: There is a new failsafe mechanism added to prevent players from spawning far from the AO Fixed: In Clash Le Port (South) we fixed missing nodes connection between Delta and Foxtrot
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    Alguem me ajudaaa!!!

    The length of ban depends on the number of team kills. As djotacon said, your teammates are marked, pay attention before shooting.
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    Ask us anything!

    No problem ;) Your report is being processed atm. For the next time, feel free to use our feedback tracker, it's the best way to report bugs or your suggestions. Thanks a lot :)
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    Ask us anything!

    This is exactly the main purpose of feedback tracker ;) https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/12/ You can help us to improve the game. Thanks for your report :)
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    08-11-2017 Update 1.05.1 size of update: 316.9 MB General news: Ghost of Halloween recede and the Maldenian sky is clear again Known issues: We are currently solving invisible Halloween items in Steam inventory with our partners Scenarios: Removed: Halloween decorations from main menu and most scenarios UI: Edited: Armory screen now explains Marketplace package items in a more understandable way, thanks to Born2BGod for feedback Others: Changed: Daytime reverted to original settings Bugfixes: Fixed: Issues in MVP screen with JIP players Fixed: PO-30 Orca HUD showed countermeasures that weren't available
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    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    Haha, next Monthly Challenge :D ? You've made my day :)
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    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    within less than two months there were about 15 reports of "IIIRSIII's cheating" without evidence checked and thrown away. There is unfortunately no clear solution for you, FFs are punished with ban automatically. You may report verbal abuse (including evidence) so we can help with this in particular.
  13. If there are no halloween items in your inventory after restarting Steam, you should report to Steam support center.
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    Skill Tree and Loadouts

    Thanks for your ideas and suggestions, unfortunately we are not planning any changes regarding to this mechanic, since the reason why the system is set like this is to encourage players to specialize their skills. That's why we have just 5 loadouts. Anyway, thanks for your time
  15. Sorry for inconvenience, the issue should be resolved and servers in Oceania region are coming online right now.
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    Temporarily baned 0x2000

    Thanks for reports. Please try it again, it should be fixed now.
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    Halloween event

    Hello mercenaries! There's several pieces of great news in the upcoming Argo update I would like to share with you. Immediately after starting the game, you will realize the biggest change from the previous version: There's new call for gamers - Monthly Challenge. The point is pretty simple: Each month there'll be one new challenge featuring one of the current game modes or indeed an existing one with preset loadouts. This scenario will only be available for a limited time and once finished, we'll announce the best players of the month.The best players will be rewarded not only with everlasting glory, but also with many cosmetic rewards (like unique ingame assets, weaponry, skins, etc) specially created for you. And for everyone else, there'll be another monthly challenge to beat them right next month ;) The first and very special Monthly Challenge is tied to our Halloween event and is called the Witch Hunt. Witch Hunt is a Halloween themed asymmetrical 1vs5 game mode, in which one player takes on the role of Witch - a stealthy semi-invisible infiltrator tasked with locating and capturing three out of five terminals. This task is not made easy on him, as he is being constantly tracked down by the other players, the Hunters. The Witch starts off invisible, and is only revealed for a short amount of time when the player shoots his weapon. To help Hunters locate the Witch, they'll be informed periodically about the Witch's approximate location and will know whenever the Witch captures a terminal. Witch Hunt scenario should be quick and filled with tension, probably most enjoyed when played with friends. Halloween event teaser Added to that, we've prepared unique Halloween assets for this event. There are stylish balaclavas, bandanas, a special Halloween version of offroad Jack O'Flame, orca On Fire or favorite weaponry - Mk-I EMR aka Pumpkin Pie, AK-12 aka Bloodstained or SPAR-16S aka Toxic. The assets will be available on the store only for a certain time - from the release of the monthly challenge until November 6th, so do not hesitate if you want to be part of it. After that period has ended, the assets are going to be available only via the Steam Marketplace. I didn't mention that yet? All the Halloween assets, and even things from the "I went to Cologne and all I got was this DLC" package, are now available on the Steam Marketplace. You may even sell items you no longer enjoy to other players. Why would you even have such items? You can win various packages in the monthly challenges, keep the best and share the rest. I hope you like this news, now stop talking and get yourself prepared for the best Halloween hunt :) I can't wait to see you ingame, witches and hunters!
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    Temporarily banded

    Hi guys, this issue was unfortunately caused by maintenance. We did our best and it is fixed now.
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    Argo Today - 31/10/2017

    Thanks a lot, we really appreciate that! Enjoy the game.
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    user temporarily banned?

    Hi, this issue was unfortunately caused by maintenance. We did our best and it is fixed now.
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    unable to connect 0x2002

    Sorry for inconvenience, the issue is fixed now.
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    0x2000 Temporarily banned??

    Hi, this issue was unfortunately caused by maintenance. We did our best and it is fixed now.
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    Ban? 0_o

    Hi guys, this issue was unfortunately caused by maintenance. We did our best and it is fixed now.
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    Halloween update 30.10.2017 Size of the update: 888,9MB General News: The largest change in this update is adding Halloween related content and gameplay New game mode - Monthly challenge Metagame now supports even Marketplace Items Known issues: Player cannot use respawn menu on direct server Witch hunt Description: When you host Witch Hunt scenario on direct server right after entering the game, you are not able to interact with respawn screen (including respawn and details buttons) but the game itself respawn you after few seconds. Incorrectly described Witch Hunt scenario Description: Witch Hunt scenario in Challenge description - Incorrectly described Witch's abilities. Sentence "The Witch is invisible until it interacts with a device or until it fires its weapon."should be "The Witch is invisible until fires its weapon. Lanterns cannot be lighted / put out in multiplayer Description: Simulations of lanterns placed into scenarios are disabled, but the on/off option is still present. Link Dourdan - Pumpkin clipping through wheelbarrow Combat patrol - mission cannot start due to never ending countdown cycle Description: Alt-tabbing during initialization of Combat Patrol scenario could cause the refreshing of countdown timer. Scenarios: Added: New Halloween assets to Clash, Link and Raid scenarios Changed: Combat Patrol now uses New Respawn system too Changed: In Combat Patrol we rebalanced AI skill levels Added: Also in Combat Patrol we added autokick feature for cases when a player incapacitates other players UI: Changed: Main menu has been adjusted for Halloween Added: Introducing new Challenge tab to the server browser Others: Changed: Global daytime preset changed to evening. This also affects the Editor. Added: Voiceover notification in reward breakdown screen when player gains a level Bugfixes: Fixed: Now it is not possible to respawn even if the team had no tickets left Fixed: Fixed some issues with the HUD when reconnecting to a match in Link Fixed: Fixed icons showing the number of players respawning at the same location would not be visible after last update Fixed: In Combat Patrol we fixed incorrect respawn marker would be shown during AO selection phase Fixed: In Combat Patrol we also fixed unresponsive AO selection in some cases Fixed: Removed obsolete settings from Game Options
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    Glitch abusing allowed?

    We're sorry we do not support this functionality.