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  1. OK, I am trying to make a SP mission where the main characters thoughts will be displayed in the side chat in order to give the player new tasks. However whenever I run the scenario as the main character I get no text in the chat even though the trigger activates and the chat indicator at the bottom lights up for a bit. BUT if I run the scenario as another NPC I can clearly see the text the main character says in side chat when the trigger get activated. I am very new to the editor so I might be missing something simple. The trigger I am using has a condition of: alive VK (VK is the player variable) with a 3s delay so that I have time to load in the mission before it activates. On activation I set: VK sidechat "text" This is what I see when i run the scenario as the main character. This is what I see if I run it as a different character. Please help.
  2. Oh... yeah. I am an idiot. The unit I used to make the character had no radio on it and I never bothered to check. Well, now I feel really dump. xD Thanks man, and thank you all for the replies.