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  1. PLEASE!! If YOU have a mission (SP/MP/Campaign) about Real Life or RPG-style. PLEASE!! YOU may post them in this Topic. Thank YOU! (Note: compatible with ARMA Cold War Assault/OFP version 1.99)
  2. Sjorigo

    FTA Life Simulation

    Okay thanks for the information! By the way, any RPG-style/Life Sim SP Missions except this one ? If yes, can you would like to post theirs download link ?
  3. Sjorigo

    Any rpg style missions

    Can you re-upload it into another sites ? Also will this is work on version 1.99 ?
  4. Sjorigo

    A brand new real life mission

    This is still alive ? By the way, is this can I play in the version 1.99 ?
  5. Sjorigo

    FTA Life Simulation

    Thank you!!! But I found out, that your mission is have version 1.96 and it's not compatible with mine version 1.99. I already put in my missions folder. Can you upload it again for version 1.99 ?
  6. Sjorigo

    FTA Life Simulation

    This is still Alive ? Also your download link has been down, can you upload it into another sites ?
  7. Still Alive ? I have download your mod and i turn's out to be good. I waiting more mission to play. Please keep working on this mod!!. Also can you add a Sub or Patrol Torpedo Boat ?