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  1. Update: due to the removal of Lodu's WW2 US Airborne assets, the unit is now modern. See our trailer below. Concurrently, due to our current leadership's demanding workschedule, we are in search of potential/prospective officers to lead the unit throughout the weekdays. If you are interested, please send this account a Private Message on the Bohemia Interactive Forums(here). With thanks, -SFC Fowler
  2. There is also a large community subordinate to the Western Front stuff. Concurrent with a plethora of individuals partaking in units/youtube groups/clans/gaming sessions/etc. that this recent turn of events has damaged. It's simply where the 'fuss' is, per se - and where the attention lay, so shall be the effort.
  3. 2-505 IN BN Premiere World War II Immersive Realism www.505thpir.net ______________________________________________________________________ FROM OUR HOMEPAGE Greetings! By clicking on this, you have taken the first step into a larger world, one of immersive historical recreation in the greatest field of battle to ever exist - Europe. Our unit is unlike any other, with a history of excellence stemming back to roots almost a decade old, the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment strives to return the standard to its' former glory. Primarily composed of those with real world military experience, and former compatriots of the classic 82nd Airborne for Invasion: 1944 on ArmA II, the 505th returns the aspects of fun, entertaining gameplay in a coordinated team environment. What are the requirements? ____________________________ At this time, participating with the 505th PIR is pertinent toward the following factors: Applicants must be at the age of 17 or older upon the time of enlistment. Applicants must reside in North or South America in order to abide by our time locations - stationed active duty military may be granted exceptions. Applicants must possess a working microphone. Is there a training? ____________________________ Yes, like all standing units or military forces, training is essential to maintain combat effectiveness. However, if the question is pertinent toward BCT, the answer is no. While the unit does retain a form of 'entry level training', this is known as "Jump School", where basic Infantry tasks and battle drills from the real world are disseminated into the gameplay environment. All approved applicants join the unit with the rank of Private, and those with prior service; Private First Class. For those just looking to 'play' with the unit, a "Non-Obligatory Enlistment" is offered on our website. This is the 'come and go as you please' route, without having to fall in line with standard unit procedures. See www.505thpir.net/enlist for more details. What is the rank structure? ____________________________ Due to the era of the unit, the 505th PIR follows the United States Army's chain of command and subordinate ranking structure of 1942. Because of this, many modern ranks are missing, if not replaced - by technical grades, and other ranks of a bygone era. When are the missions? ____________________________ Primarily, you will find trainings and official events held on the weekends. However, unit members such as Shermanator(yes, the one you are thinking of), hold things throughout the week. Find out more upon enlistment. Where can I learn more? ____________________________ You may find all of our information accessory to enlistment or participating on our website at www.505thpir.net, OR you may connect to our teamspeak at airborne.ts.nfoservers.com. Please, be advised - our unit is still a works-in-progress.