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  1. Hi My name is Arsen. (not French, French is with a C) Iam Armenian i live in the Netherlands, and speak: English Armenian Dutch Fluently. (currently just started learning Russian.) Recently bought Arma 3. Fell in love with it. i own the DLC's too. Iam 17 years old and got a new gaming pc that isnt absolute shite. Iam a total Newbie, around 50 hours. know the basic controls and can control a heli with basic controls.(Still shit at shooting from chopper and plane) Looking for a Squad i can learn the game with. not a whole clan with hundreds of people. all of my current friends play on console so i got 2 friends who play too. same experience as me. Also enjoy creating Bases and classes in the eden editor. got some made if needed. Iam almost everyday online for around 2 hours. work on fridays and saturdays. my steam is DjonkoPriester. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198207524211 I dont use Teamspeak. i do Skype and Discord Thanks for reading, Hit me up.