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  1. Utterly love this. Trying to get it to work on Lythium but can't seem to figure out if it is triggered by building name or if it needs to be set up before hand for the mission. On Taki it works fine in the editor, no set up required but for Lythium it seems there's some extra hoops to jump through.

  2. I still run into the issue of the ejection seat from the Mig-29, whether AI, Zeus RC'd/playerflown CTD's my Arma 3. Tried to dig for a solution and the only other report I saw in the bug tracker seemed to of been closed with no real solution other than a confliction of mods. Would anyone else who had this issue know of the exact cause or if it's just something I'll need to scrape through until I find the culprit.


    Don't have the problem with the other planes in the pack I believe, just the Mig.

  3. Quick question. I can see the PLA planes and Helicopters in the editor but can't access them in Zeus. Is this something that will be coming later on? I can even access the VME SAM addons but the things I'm assuming is out of the VME PLA DEV pack I can't seem to get to less they're already put down in the editor.


    Disregard this, I see much of the things that I can't access in Zeus are things still heavily being worked on. Apologies.

  4. I apologize if this has been touched on before, tried to read every post before hand but is there or will there be, an option to place these buildings on the fly in Zeus? Whilst they're placeable in the editor I didn't know if there was a way to get a hold of them in Zeus as one can jbad buildings or other assets.


    Or if this is something yet planned or being looked into in the future, that'd be good to know.


    Disregard, just saw people like to steal shit. Depressing.