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  1. ARMA is playable in VR - i have done it on my 10 year old pc and the Oculus DK2......... i never tried it agian on the Vive, Index or Rift S.......... its probably likely that the resolution and performance improvements are there...... I think arma just needs an overhaul now though - regardless of VR or not

  2. I think my post disappeared, but anyway - in case the ARMA 4 rumors are circulating again.......... lets remind BI that VR should be a priority in ARMA 4 🙂 I want the next gen of ARMA 4.......... Just like BI were pioneers of OFP in 2001....... the first ever sandbox milisim game. That was revolutionary at its time....... lets have 2020+ be the ARMA 4 revolution in VR that we need........ the community needs ARMA 4 VR!!


    I want my endless 10km run each day ........ ducking and diving into the trees....... avoiding bullets....... flying jets, flying helis, driving cars, tanks etc etc............. oh man 🙂


    I want to remind everyone that apart from Half Life: Alyx there has yet to be a full AAA VR game. Look at the VR games that are out there, those are stuff made by a small dev team and a guy in his bedroom....... imagine with the $$ BI has and the creativity what can be achieved? If BI really pulls of a sandbox/milsim ARMA 4 VR then they are in in to cash in big time........ Watch those EA, UBISOFT and Activision share price tank!!

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  3. So it seems a GPU is also indeed important.


    However, on this thread 'Will-my-pc-run-Arma3? What cpu/gpu to get? What settings? What system specifications?' it appears that GPU does nothing, but this could just be down to 1080p performance where the CPU is working its hardest. It would be useful to know still if a 2080 ti and a 1070 still delvier the same performance at 4k........ i suspect that the 2080 ti will still hold itself well and the 1070 will drop down and die?


    Has anyone tested gpu's running at 4k? With ryzen in particular?


    On 10/21/2019 at 1:33 PM, oldbear said:

    To be continued ... now testing a Gainward GTX 1060 6 GB

    BIOS Version 1820 , updated AGESA involved.

    AMD test rig R5-3600X/GTX 1060 6 GB/B450M upgrade with G.Skill 16 GB-3600 NEO.




    So that means, highest was 107 fps and average of 60 fps and lowest 42...... based on what i can see. 


    ok makes sense..... good ! then there is progress with ryzen?

  5. @oldbear, i havent yet got all my ryzen 3600x parts ordered......... but if we are just talking 40-60 fps its still quite poor?


    Unless it shows 0.1% min, how can this benchmark be compared with youtube benchmarks?


    The results we are getting from YAAB is this minimum or average fps? In which case i want to know what is the highest fps, median and 0.1% low. Is it possible to do from YAAB results?


    Sorry if i dont understand the benchmark results properly, but it would do with a little explanation of how YAAB is calculated.

  6. so what we are saying.......... no pc is gonna get to 60 fps in arma 3 unless you want to buy high end cpu and overclock it until it bleeds!


    I think its the case then that you can spend thousands on a high end pc but gain little fps compared to a mid range pc. Essentially the GPU does nothing to add to the performance of ARMA 3.


    So if you want to play ARMA 3, just buy a mid range gpu (used) and buy a high end cpu and overclock it to hell!

  7. Oldbear,


    Interesting reply.


    Something that is annoying me is that my 10 year old pc is giving maybe 10/20% less fps than what you found in YAAB, so my question is what the hell is going on with ARMA 3!!


    Why arent we seeing 100+ fps by now?


    What is the limit here? Engine? 


    So i need to know is ARMA 3 a lost cause for performance, any PC will just not get past 100fps mark ?



  8. I need a quick answer as i want to buy a new pc (just for arma mainly lol) probably too complex but anyway.....


    I need to know what type of RAM to get, what frequency to run and timings......... It needs to be good bang for buck........ i am going with Ryzen 3600/3600x as a CPU choice


    What will perform better fps wise in ARMA 3 right now? 3600 CL17 or 3200 CL16 or 3200 CL14?


    Anyone have links to kind of RAM they recommend? 


    What will 32GB Ram do compared to 16GB? Is there a need for 32GB ram in ARMA3?


    I have a feeling, regardless of CPU, GPU that ARMA 3 still needs good ram speeds to work efficiently......... and this is where i struggle as there arent many ARMA 3 ram benchmarks for Ryzen 3000 🙂 Thanks.



  9. 39 minutes ago, Dedmen said:

    Not Arma 3 no.


    If there was a dev team with a dozen developers and a couple weeks of time and some VR gear.. sure.. but there isn't.

    I am sure if BI isnt working full time on ARMA 4 right now, i could use a VR DLC 🙂 I would happily pay full price for it......... if it works properly and all........ i wouldnt even mind an ARMA 3 lite or something with VR......... a limited map or something with arma 3 stuffs but small scale.........

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  10. 7 hours ago, NeoArmageddon said:


    Inverse kinematic animations and stereo rendering (aka sending two different renderbuffers to the headset, VorpX is "guessing" two buffers from the depth-buffer, which is by far not as good as real stereo rendering).

    Just to name two. 


    Ah, i didnt really make clear. i meant tell me a limitation in terms of experience in ARMA 3 if proper VR was implemented? I can think of none!

  11. Just wanted to update this thread.


    I did test VR in Arma 3 with the CV1 using Vorpx. I have to say it was actually pretty good, despite the limitations of the engine. 


    The only one main negative thing (which is probably a current issue) is the screen door effect (SDE) and issues when trying to see things from long distances....... at the moment its just not clear enough.........


    Hopefully soon we should get a capable VR kit that will eliminate the SDE entirely, so that we can actually see as far as real life.


    At the moment i dont care if we cant 'fully' use VR in arma 3. I know theres engine limitations, but at least having the thing working natively (with battleye) from a visual perspective is sufficient for me. 


    Actually flying helicopters and jets with the joystick and using the VR headset is actually quite immersive (ok its not DCS simulator level, but sufficient for this game).


    If BI released a VR dlc, i would probably buy it lol! I think the demand is still pretty low generally, and the industry is still maturing. No companies want to invest in a system as yet which would bring a lot of risk. I think we are still not quite there, but if we are to get VR working we need all the indie devs and modders to really pull some amazing stuff off. Its coming, but it will take time.


    I can just think of the possibilities of VR in arma 3 though! Its actually endless! Now we have proper mods and Zeus, you can basically do whatever you want! If anyone can think of a limitation in arma 3 + VR right now let me know 🙂 I am pretty sure you cant because i am convinced everything and anything can be done in ARMA now.

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  12. I can imagine the future of ARMA 4 with VR support.


    Just imagine for a second u have a backpack, u can drop it from your shoulder and open it and pick stuff up like magazines, first aid kit, epipens etc. Same with compass/map just pick it up and hold it to your face to see whats going on :) Your watch you can move your arms to ur face to tell the time.


    I still think VR Is the way forward, despite its difficulties! We have had over 17 years since OFP in 2001 of the same old same old better graphics game. It is time for new change!!

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  13. Hello All,


    I've recently installed arma 3 on my new laptop, however the workshop auto downloads all the subscribed mods on my pc...... This means that it is overloading my laptops ssd......


    Is there a way to:
    A. Stop the workshop downloading the mods?
    B. Download the mods on the laptop to another drive?

    C. Any other suggestions?

  14. 13 hours ago, Madshepherd said:

    @Commando 180     "Could you let me know what terrain you used and what the town near the bridge is called? I will look it up in the editor."



    Map is    WW2   Merderet River (I44)  South end where it is flat and not much around.

    The (small) town i built up myself




    Thanks madshepherd. I managed to find a pegasus bridge template on the workshop for the merderet terrain. Just gotta tweak it now and all should be good :) Thanks !!

  15. 23 hours ago, commando180 said:

    Oh yes, I got a response from Gunter S.


    Could anyone tell me how to enable paradrops on the c-47 via the eden editor?


    I have tried using the RHS paradropping script, however this only uses the D5 russian chute.


    I tried the legacy para-dropping script that is used on the c130, however i dont think the script gets recognised as the c47 has a couple of seats/steps before you can 'eject'.


    Is the issue with the para-dropping related to the author removing his paratrooper skins/textures from the base IFA3 mod?


    Thanks :)

    Bump :)

  16. 18 hours ago, Madshepherd said:


    this is just a small scenario i built to play around with gliders etc.

    you can use this  bridge and place across any terrain  with river, but you will have to add a couple of road sections as most rivers are little wide,

    for bridge alone.


    Hi Mate :)


    Could you let me know what terrain you used and what the town near the bridge is called? I will look it up in the editor. Thanks again :)