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  1. I have been a victim of this bug. But it hit me hard this time, my hammer, combat backpack and my looted equipment. Please fix it devs. A FB group on FB have many complaints about this bug. This bug occurs after you finish the raid and pick what you want to convert to meterials or food. Then the loading screen won't load. I have waited 30 min to load it but it suddenly crashed. After it restart my character died and all my equipment and loot is lost. I already send a report with in the game. Please notice this massage devs and fixed it.
  2. Myrone Honorio

    Minidayz mobile version tents

    Nope bro, on my longest run I have a 5 tent.
  3. Devs, can i ask something? Can you share whats the new update looks like? Whats the bug fixs and what are some new feature added? So the minidayz players will be more excited for the update. I know this is like a spoiler but. Common guys we are waiting for this update for so long (insert peace sign) thanks devs, more power!!!
  4. Myrone Honorio

    Im enjoying this game! (kinda addicted to it)

    Thanks bro. I will sure do that ! Keep up the good work. Maybe after the update i will give suggestion to make it better and good like dayz
  5. Im playing minidayz for months, and im enjoying it so much. Even tho it have some bugs. I have fun surviving, battling zombies and bandits. Pleae devs make the update awesome so all the players will enjoy more and have a more feel of dayz. (even tho I haven't played it yet) thanks for making this game. If I have to do anything to help you devs , im willing to help. More power ?