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  1. 3 hours ago, snkman said:

    Remove "//" and change the value from 50 to 15 this will lower the A.I. flare usage change from 50% to 15% if you change it to 0 A.I. will never use flares.

    They were still using flares even when I set it to 0. They spammed them like crazy.

    Here is how I changed it in the config in case I made a mistake.


      // G.L.X A.I. Flare: ( Chance )
      // ==============================================================
      // 0 - 100, default is 50%
         GLX_Feature set [2, 0];


    I also noticed some strange behavior concerning ai pilots. They landed their gunship in close proximity to the enemy, disembarked, and started attacking on foot. I may have seen it with other vehicles as well, but don't quote me on that.

    Anyway, the infantry combat is awesome. The best I've seen in Arma so far.

  2. Hi,

    I've encountered two bugs.

    The first is the config. It seems not to be working at the moment and hasn't been since at least the version 1.0.21. I tried turning off/changing the flare usage, rearming, reinforcement requesting, and ai skills. No effect ingame whatsoever.
    I have the filepatching option enabled, and the config file in the right folder, so that's not the problem.

    The second problem is that AI units tend to switch to the combat behaviour without encountering any enemy. In my case, I just placed 7-8 AAF soldiers in the editor, gave them some static animations and that was it. A few seconds later and they all went to combat. I didn't spawn any opfor or bluefor units at all.

    Addons used: CBA, Achilles, CUP Terrains Core and Maps, and 3den Enhanced.


  3. It seems that even after the update VCOM still changes skill of AI units even though you set it off in the config file and cba settings. Don't know whether the problem is on my end or not, though I doubt it as it works flawlessly with the older version of VCOM (2.9.1 or whichever it was). No matter what, whenever I place an ai group in Zeus, their skill will jump up to 100 (but not their secondary skills like aiming and such, which stay bellow 100 or even at zero) after like 5-10 s and at this point you have to manually slide it back to your desired skill (which changes all their secondary skills equally). Ido have file patching turned on and config file in the right folder. I tried only the mod version though (both from steam and dropbox).


    Any idea what I could be doing wrong or where the culprit is?





  4. 1 hour ago, Capt Childs said:

    Can you suggest a way around this that doesn't involve having to recreate (all) mission files from scratch?  Be hugely appreciated.


    1 hour ago, sargken said:

    If you didn't binarize your mission sqm open it up and look for that pbo that is required and remove the entry. 

     And if you did, just download the older version, resave the missions unbinarized and then remove the pbos just as described.

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  5. 6 hours ago, lordprimate said:

    sorry for the delay , if i understand you correctly your concerned that your group is coming OUT of combat mode. 


    for example: your group is in combat and they are fighting... and they keep going from combat mode to aware. then back to combat mode? then back to aware.. over and over every second??


    or is it that they are in combat mode and they go into aware  and never go back into combat mode?


    i ask because i just did a test I put a squad of opfor and a squad of blufor on stratis, in Agia Marina. I put my playable unit on a hill. I placed the tpwcas debug module and other "enable" modules to make sure everything is running.  


    when i started the mission I crested the hill in my player unit, and shot at the OPFOR group. The started to make their way to engage me. they stayed in combat mode for a while. up until they met up with the blufor group near by. once they saw each other the fight ensued. everything seemd normal i didnt see anyone constantly leaving combat mode and going back to their Original position.



    try this test - spawn 3 groups of bluefor in the editor, give each a simple move waypoint, set one to aware,  another to combat and the last to safe behaviour. The one being in aware will have no problem, the other two will change to being aware after a few seconds. In other words - this is not related to any sort of engagement, but if you want to eg. make your group creep up on the enemy, you set them to stealth, and they happily ignore it and immediately switch to being aware.

    I have tested different versions of TPWCAS and found out, that this happens in 5.5.1 (they also ignore hold fire behaviour), doesn't happen in 5.5.2 (but AI sometimes get stuck and don't do anything) and happens in 5.5.3 (they don't get stuck, they don't ignore hold fire). Also same effect either with or without ASR AI.

    If there is any sort of confusion, PM me please, I'll either try to explain myself a bit better or outright provide you with a test mission.


  6. What's happened to the russian helicopters? They used to attack vehicles pretty regularly using their ATGM's, even from like 1-2 km's away, but over the course of the last few updates, they have progressively ceased using them.
    If I ever see them use their ATGM's, it's like one and done and only from a medium range (like 900 meters or so and I didn't even notice it apart from the virtual reality), and up close (600 m and in) they just use their unguided rockets with horrendous accuracy - missing a target by hundreds of meters. Even if you tried to equip them with only ATGM's, they would rather use their canon than fire a rocket. For instance, Ka-52, which is exhibiting the worse behaviour, just circles aimlessly around doing nothing until it gets shot down by enemy tanks.

    The same goes russian planes as they also like sparing their anti-tank rockets (KH-25's and 29's) for some reason. Honestly, I've never seen them use any. Weird..


    US helicopters on the other hand work pretty well, regularly using their anti-tank missiles when renengaging a target.


    Sorry, I don't want to sound like I am bad-mouthing you or anything, but at this point it's getting pretty frustrating.

  7. 42 minutes ago, anfo said:


    Right, so they start off walking in combat mode (editor placed?), guns up then start running as aware do soon after?

    Pretty much, yes. And it didn't even matter whether it was combat, stealth or safe mode.
    There was also a bug in 5.5.1, where AI completely ignore forced hold fire. I guess it went away with me turning on LOS or changing something else in the config. Knowing that 5.5.1 behaves pretty similar to 5.5.3 (ai switching to aware) and 5.5.2 being the "odd one" that works well, it makes me wonder if it also happens in 5.5.3, but I cannot confirm as I haven't inspected it.

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  8. 1 hour ago, anfo said:


    @Lothear From the perspective of me learning, can you please elaborate on how you got to this conclusion? For instance does this occur with just Zeus spawned, or editor created AI?

    Well I can only say that so far it happened only in single player and only to the units spawned in editor as I didn't test it any further. I first noticed it in a mission I was creating for myself. I did some testing later on - I placed a group and gave it a simple move waypoint about 200 or 300 meters away, set the behaviour to combat or stealth and instead of sticking to it they happily switched to aware. Then multiple groups, within a quarter of a minute or so all were back to aware. That occured in the versions 5.5.1 and 5.5.3, not in 5.5.2 though, but in 5.5.2 ai get stuck instead and you have tu manually move them via Zeus.

  9. I am sorry, JR, but I'm gonna throw one more issue into the mix. :icon_biggrin:

    With AFRF support mod the AI shoots the PKP semi-auto 95% of the time, removing the support mod ai shoots full auto as it is supposed to.
    Tested in editor, singleplayer mission, only RHS USAF, AFRF, JSRS and JSRS AFRF support mod were loaded.

    I hope I've included all the details this time. :icon_biggrin:





    Ok, what the actual problem is is that it adds a semi-auto mod to the gun. Next time I need to also test the weapons, not just ai behaviour. :face_palm:



  10. 6 minutes ago, LordJarhead said:

    It's weird that it is not showing up on your add-ons list. And these additions are not run on the server I guess but the AI is running on it. So I can sort that out. I guess that you, Lothear, are playing solo or on a LAN server? That would mean you control the AI and the JSRS additionals are affecting the AI. 



    In my case it's all solo content ;) And it may very well be only happening in singleplayer only. The other person I noticed it was happening to was also only bullsh*tting in the editor.

  11. 29 minutes ago, LordJarhead said:

    Ah OK. Thanks. I'll have a deeper look when I get back from vacation. Thanks for all your help with this :) 



    Take your time, LJ. It's just a hobby you do in your free time after all. Enjoy your vacation.

    26 minutes ago, yokhanan said:

    That's still weird. This is everything the Casual ArmA Players Group runs on the server and client: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=937923182


    Although I believe most of us don't use the suppress/immerse stuff or the Incon Effects. But as you can see, we run CUP, ACE, all of RHS and the ACE compat files, ASR Ai, JSRS & RHS packs, Achilies for zeus, and Shacktac HUD, and on occasion that new ai mod that says it helps the ai not see through vegetation on Tanoa. My entire 6 hour session as a AFRF RHS Russian trying to escape RHS USAF with m4's, m16's, dmr's, etc. Some of which dynamically have in their loadout RHS sidearm's. I personally have yet to see the ai use a side arm, it's only launchers, primary weapons, grenades (lots of them!) and static weapons. Not sure what is different between us, but I've not experienced this issue yet (thankfully). Pretty weird.... Then again, it is ArmA.

    Is it really all the addons your group uses? Beceause I can only see JSRS AFRF support mod, not the USAF one, which is the culprit.
    And as far as I can tell I haven seen it happen to other people. :wink_o:

  12. 45 minutes ago, LordJarhead said:

    Ah OK that's a good hint. So can you specify what pistol exactly? I think I've seen a Glock or something?! 



    So far I can confirm M9, 1911 and Glock.

    And also the handheld GL.

    So all the pistols from USAF.
    Rifles seems fine as long as they have non-USAF secondaries.

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  13. 5 hours ago, LordJarhead said:

    It really is a mystery to me, yes haha ? I double checked all the entries in the config, I build most from ground up. I deleted everything that was unnecessary as the inheritance took care of it anyways and I got rid of any sort of base class updates, even minimized any sort of error message I could think of. And still this shit happens. 


    One thing that makes me wonder is that you, Yokhanan, seemed to have no problem at all, so what's the difference between the two of you? So maybe it depends on the secondaries thay have? Or maybe it's depending on the primary weapons. Do they switch all the weapons? I just seen M4a1, Mk18 and maybe some Hk416s got switched... 



    LJ, I believe it must be the pistols. I did some testing (with just RHS, Project Opfor, Cup terrains, and JSRS and its support mod) and I noticed that even with vanilla rifles (Spars 16s), if the unit had an RHS pistol, they switched to them.

    This reminds me of this (http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=3971).

  14. 28 minutes ago, LordJarhead said:

    The problem has been contained but it is still present. Thing is there is no error whatsoever. I cannot determine the exact spot of cause... 



    I see. I hopped into the game to test it again. What I can say for sure is that it only happens with USAF pistols, not AFRF. There was (still is in 4.5) a bug in RHS:USAF that made AI use their secondaries, but that was rather rare.  I obviously know very little about modding so I cannot tell whether the support mod could make that behaviour more prominent. All I can tell is that other RHS support mods make no problem at all and without the USAF one it works as it is supposed to.
    Quite mysterious so far, isn't it? :icon_biggrin:
    Thanks, LJ.

  15. 16 minutes ago, TessaVolkanvir said:

    After a recent update on the steam version, the AI have begun throwing grenades like its going out of style. The easy fix is keep engagement range at 200m+ but thats a problem for taking towns or bases. Especially when my own units are also spamming their grenades and getting us all killed. 


    Do you use Ace? A while back people complaint about the grenade spam and it turnt out to be caused by ace_ai.pbo.