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  1. They were still using flares even when I set it to 0. They spammed them like crazy. Here is how I changed it in the config in case I made a mistake. I also noticed some strange behavior concerning ai pilots. They landed their gunship in close proximity to the enemy, disembarked, and started attacking on foot. I may have seen it with other vehicles as well, but don't quote me on that. Anyway, the infantry combat is awesome. The best I've seen in Arma so far.
  2. Oh f.... Well, call me an idiot, haha. Sorry Snkman, I guess that's what happens when you don't play Arma for 3 months... Anyway, thank you for your work.
  3. Hi, I've encountered two bugs. The first is the config. It seems not to be working at the moment and hasn't been since at least the version 1.0.21. I tried turning off/changing the flare usage, rearming, reinforcement requesting, and ai skills. No effect ingame whatsoever. I have the filepatching option enabled, and the config file in the right folder, so that's not the problem. The second problem is that AI units tend to switch to the combat behaviour without encountering any enemy. In my case, I just placed 7-8 AAF soldiers in the editor, gave them some static animations and that was it. A few seconds later and they all went to combat. I didn't spawn any opfor or bluefor units at all. Addons used: CBA, Achilles, CUP Terrains Core and Maps, and 3den Enhanced. Thanks. L
  4. @Freddo3000 @genesis92x I see. Thanks. Deleting that part of config, however, did work, but for some reason, the CBA menu disappeard.
  5. It seems that even after the update VCOM still changes skill of AI units even though you set it off in the config file and cba settings. Don't know whether the problem is on my end or not, though I doubt it as it works flawlessly with the older version of VCOM (2.9.1 or whichever it was). No matter what, whenever I place an ai group in Zeus, their skill will jump up to 100 (but not their secondary skills like aiming and such, which stay bellow 100 or even at zero) after like 5-10 s and at this point you have to manually slide it back to your desired skill (which changes all their secondary skills equally). Ido have file patching turned on and config file in the right folder. I tried only the mod version though (both from steam and dropbox). Any idea what I could be doing wrong or where the culprit is? Thanks L
  6. Lothear

    ASR AI 3

    And if you did, just download the older version, resave the missions unbinarized and then remove the pbos just as described. https://github.com/robalo/mods/releases/download/rhs045/asr_ai3_rhs_045.zip
  7. LP, try this test - spawn 3 groups of bluefor in the editor, give each a simple move waypoint, set one to aware, another to combat and the last to safe behaviour. The one being in aware will have no problem, the other two will change to being aware after a few seconds. In other words - this is not related to any sort of engagement, but if you want to eg. make your group creep up on the enemy, you set them to stealth, and they happily ignore it and immediately switch to being aware. I have tested different versions of TPWCAS and found out, that this happens in 5.5.1 (they also ignore hold fire behaviour), doesn't happen in 5.5.2 (but AI sometimes get stuck and don't do anything) and happens in 5.5.3 (they don't get stuck, they don't ignore hold fire). Also same effect either with or without ASR AI. If there is any sort of confusion, PM me please, I'll either try to explain myself a bit better or outright provide you with a test mission. Thanks L
  8. Lothear

    NIArms Release Thread

    Great work on those 416s. Is there any way how to mount a PEQ-15 at 12 o'clock without it sitting too low on the rail? Something like RHS does with their 416s. Thanks.
  9. Lothear

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I will, thanks, Reyhard.
  10. Lothear

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    What's happened to the russian helicopters? They used to attack vehicles pretty regularly using their ATGM's, even from like 1-2 km's away, but over the course of the last few updates, they have progressively ceased using them. If I ever see them use their ATGM's, it's like one and done and only from a medium range (like 900 meters or so and I didn't even notice it apart from the virtual reality), and up close (600 m and in) they just use their unguided rockets with horrendous accuracy - missing a target by hundreds of meters. Even if you tried to equip them with only ATGM's, they would rather use their canon than fire a rocket. For instance, Ka-52, which is exhibiting the worse behaviour, just circles aimlessly around doing nothing until it gets shot down by enemy tanks. The same goes russian planes as they also like sparing their anti-tank rockets (KH-25's and 29's) for some reason. Honestly, I've never seen them use any. Weird.. US helicopters on the other hand work pretty well, regularly using their anti-tank missiles when renengaging a target. Sorry, I don't want to sound like I am bad-mouthing you or anything, but at this point it's getting pretty frustrating.
  11. Lothear

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I've noticed that the T90 is no longer using Shtora for some reason as it used to. You guys decided to remove it or is this just a bug? Anyway, thanks for the awesome update.
  12. Hey LJ, just little heads-up. The AFRF support mod has made the Pecheneg to have a single fire mode, but it is supposed to be only full auto. Hope you can take a look. Many thanks.
  13. Pretty much, yes. And it didn't even matter whether it was combat, stealth or safe mode. There was also a bug in 5.5.1, where AI completely ignore forced hold fire. I guess it went away with me turning on LOS or changing something else in the config. Knowing that 5.5.1 behaves pretty similar to 5.5.3 (ai switching to aware) and 5.5.2 being the "odd one" that works well, it makes me wonder if it also happens in 5.5.3, but I cannot confirm as I haven't inspected it.
  14. I usually used it in conjuction with ASR, but for testing purposes it was solely tpwcas with vanilla units.
  15. Sure. Well I can only say that so far it happened only in single player and only to the units spawned in editor as I didn't test it any further. I first noticed it in a mission I was creating for myself. I did some testing later on - I placed a group and gave it a simple move waypoint about 200 or 300 meters away, set the behaviour to combat or stealth and instead of sticking to it they happily switched to aware. Then multiple groups, within a quarter of a minute or so all were back to aware. That occured in the versions 5.5.1 and 5.5.3, not in 5.5.2 though, but in 5.5.2 ai get stuck instead and you have tu manually move them via Zeus. L