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    [SP/MP] Antistasi - Warlords of the Pacific

    Hey there, so I found a pretty interesting bug. Bug: When carrying someone who is down, and you yourself go down. When revived, you are still carrying the person, and lose the option to put them down. Scenario: A few buddies and myself were marching through the wastelands of tanoa trying to find a path of retreat. Well, my buddy and I started sprinting down a hill when he suddenly went down. I scroll wheeled to carry him, in which the animation makes you frozen for like 5 seconds, and I ended up getting shot and put into the revive state as well with my head clipped into his crotch. My team mates rushed to our sides and revived both of us. The issue started here. I could run full speed with weapon raised while carrying my partner who also had a weapon raised. He was unable to do anything unless I pointed him at the enemy. He basically became my human shield. We were able to get out of this bug by running as quickly as possible towards an enemy DSHKM which terminated our lives quite willfully. Recreation: Get 3 people onto a server together. Soldier One, Soldier Two, Soldier Three. Have Soldier One go into the revive state. Have Soldier Two carry him using the scroll wheel option. Have Soldier Two go down. Have Soldier Three revive them. Watch the hilarity ensue.