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  1. MX DrKiss

    Argo feedback after 120 hours of play

    The AI grenadiers make the game really frustrating. Their aim is better with the grenade launch than me and my MAR-10 from 7-800m. Please tone the AI down!
  2. MX DrKiss

    Argo feedback after 120 hours of play

    It would be nice to get some reactions form the developers, if these issues are known and being worked on, or these are just "the charm" factor of ARGO.
  3. I almost exclusively play Combat Patrol only. I enjoy the game a lot most of the time and these are my observations after reaching level 12. The most annoying bug right now in Combat Patrol is missing loadouts. After mission creation, randomly the game does not provide me with my custom loadouts. It mostly defaults to Grenadier, AutoRifleman or Marksman and sometimes Team Leader. It also happens rarely that I select a loadout but when the mission loads I have a different weapon. Serious players try to do the missions with no forced respawns. Occasionally, we get "Zero Casualty failed" messages right at the start of the mission. It's really frustrating. Target tagging or player marker missing on the minimap. It happens quite often that we don't see each other or each other's marks. AI "unfairness". This includes many things: 1.) AI seeing through vegetation. 2.) AI shooting through windows covered with shutters. 3.) Unrealistic aim with the grenade launcher. There are other annoying bugs but in my opinion, the bugs above make people leave the game behind. Unfortunately, it's hard to find dedicated players who stick around with Argo. On an average evening, I can probably find one standard server with 8-9 people and maybe one dedicated server with 1-3 people on it. That does not look good. Another performance issue, which is probably known by many players. Graphics settings have to be dumbed down in order to be able to play the game at all. If I set my graphics settings up, input lags become a huge issue. I would love to play the game on triple screen, it would improve my FoV dramatically, and would help me, but it's impossible to aim once three screens are enabled, the input lag can almost be measured in seconds. I hope you keep improving the game-play and fix the bugs, because the game is amazingly immersive and addictive. DrKiss