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  1. I have a dedicated server running windows server 2012 r2 with hyperV installed on it. Router: Netgear Nighthawk (server is setup as DNS on router but i forwarded the ports to it anyways just to make sure) My issue is that my server shows up on LAN tab (when start arma 3 client on server) but not publicly and I can not connect to the server putting the IP and port to the server.The arma 3 server is not on a VM but someone was saying hyper-v might cause an issue but I have other stuff running on hyper-v so i can not disable hyper-v for testing so if anyone knows if this is a known issue is there a work around for it? I am using TADST to host the arma 3 server. What I have done so far: Port Forwarded: 2300-2310 on my router/modem (is there anymore ports that i need to forward could not find any in tutorials that i have watched and read) I know I am doing it correctly because I forwarded ports to a minecraft server and it works fine. Windows firewall: I allowed the ports above on my firewall inbound and outbound. I also have made rules allowing all of the arma 3 exes inbound and outbound.I also have disabled my firewall multiple times to try trouble shooting. Port checker is where it gets interesting and frustrating for me. I can check all the other ports that I have forwarded for example, minecraft, and the port checker show that they are open. When i try the arma 3 ports (2302-2305) they all say they are closed. This confuses the heck out of me. Does anyone have any ideas? Also UPNP does not seem to be working, its enabled on the fire wall, i went into windows services and set UPNP and plug and play both to auto and started them. When I start the server with UPNP enabled it says it failed.