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  1. So I run an Arma 2 Chernarus Life server and we cannot figure out how to fix it so players can give money to other players. Whenever you press 2 it brings up the inventory and u can click the drop down box to give something to someone. Sometimes half of the people in the server show up and sometimes none show up. Any help please.
  2. Whenever anyone including me tries to join my Cherno Life server on Arma 2 OA it leaves them with "wait for host" and a black screen. The same mission file was used on our old server and worked. In the rpt it says Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.chernarus, caweapons_ammoboxes, cabuildings2_misc_cargo, castructureshouse_a_fuelstation, CAWheeled2_Kamaz, castructures_rail, cawater2_fregata, CAWheeled2_VWGolf, CAWheeled2_GAZ39371, CAWheeled2_LAV25 Item STRS_inv_item_smallhouse_info listed twice Item STRS_inv_item_marijuana listed twice Missing addons detected: chernarus caweapons_ammoboxes cabuildings2_misc_cargo castructureshouse_a_fuelstation CAWheeled2_Kamaz castructures_rail cawater2_fregata CAWheeled2_VWGolf CAWheeled2_GAZ39371 CAWheeled2_LAV25 Any help?