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    Teleport Script

  2. In my config I have (i don't want to have range, speed and altitude check😞 Use_MissionClaimDistanceCheck = false; MissionClaimDistanceCheck = 2000; Use_MissionCLaimAlt_SpeedCheck = false; MissionCLaimAlt_Limit = 500; MissionCLaimSpeed_Limit = 200; Every time one of the players takes the mission, I get an error in the rpt. : 3964. 8:28:05 XML parsing error: empty attribute name in tag 'size', code: <t size='.7' font='puristaMedium' align='left' > Max Alt: 500ft<size='.8' shado... 3966. 8:28:05 XML parsing error: empty attribute name in tag 'size', code: <t size='.7' font='puristaMedium' align='left' > Max Dist: 2km<size='.8' shadow... 3968. 8:28:05 XML parsing error: empty attribute name in tag 'size', code: <t size='.7' font='puristaMedium' align='left' > Max Spd: 200mph<size='.8' shad...
  3. Try setting DMS_ai_freeze_Only_DMS_AI = true; DMS_ai_allowFreezing = true; in DMS config
  4. DEH4NK

    mission creation

    Why don't you use the DMS - Mission System for that, like everyone else does.
  5. https://github.com/ThomasTKO/Exile-Base-light-overhaul
  6. Search on github Exile-Base-light-overhaul, you can find it from other users.
  7. https://market.fatalityx.co/store/product/6-sm_traderplus/
  8. Have you changed anything in the RscDefines.hpp of your mission?
  9. I went back to installing traders on the server side and am still trying to do it, I installed a new clean server, but the problem is the same as it was. Here's what I also noticed, I have ten standard traders, all have the same animation, I don’t give them any clothes or equipment [["", "", "", "", [], [], ""] , [], [], ["", []], ["", []], [], "", "", [], ["", "", "", "", "" , ""]] but some traders still load it, it is not clear from where (I deleted all traders in initPlayerLocal.sqf, there are also no traders in mission.sqm). https://ibb.co/qDwqrzz
  10. No, that he would not be a bambi when he appears, I think it will be right. After killing a bambi, 5% of respect is removed from you, he is no longer harmless with a weapon in his hands and can harm you.
  11. Since we give a weapon when a player appears, he ceases to be considered a Bambi. Will it work: _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileIsBambi", false]; ?
  12. DEH4NK

    Lock and Unlock bug

    Are you a simple player ???
  13. DEH4NK

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Your code shown above is not a static mission. This is a dynamic mission (bandit).
  14. On my server, this is not configurable. Increasing sleep time to 0.55, some traders begin to work, but others cease to work. Also, their work changes if I mix them in the order of the list in the TRADERS.sqf file.
  15. Whatever clothes and weapons I give equipment, armory and spec ops to traders, their clothing texture does not look right and the weapon is not what I give them. The rest of the traders are fine. https://sqfbin.com/onojawajemohoyesubaf https://ibb.co/tP7WHw1 https://ibb.co/7JrTdHG https://ibb.co/cQMCR9F
  16. Perhaps somewhere there was a syntax error when copying from here from the site and pasting into my exile.i ni I did the same thing all over again and it all started, thanks.
  17. They are, take a look at my exile.ini https://pastebin.com/Kitdfb2a
  18. In my exile.ini I changed [addAbandonedSafes] and [DeleteBaseFlagStolen] but it did not have [DeleteUnpaidTerritories_construction] and [DeleteUnpaidTerritories_container] and I added them https://pastebin.com/Kitdfb2a In extDB3 logs, extDB3 error: SQL_CUSTOM: Error No Custom Call Not Found: Input String deleteUnpaidTerritories_construction: 7 extDB3: SQL_CUSTOM: Error No Custom Call Not Found: Callname deleteUnpaidTerritories_construction
  19. I have an error and the server does not start Error in expression <llExtension _query); Error position: <select 0 Error Generic error in expression File Exile_Server_Overrides\ExileServer_system_database_query_insertSingle.sqf..., line 17
  20. unitClass = "B_G_Soldier_AR_F";
  21. I install ZEUS on my server using the @SLZ mod as follows: 1. Place @SLZ in your server root folder. 2. copy and paste the userconfig folder from inside @SLZ to the root folder of your server. 3. Edit your slz_settings.sqf file and add the uid of the person(s) you want to have Zeus access. 4. Add -filepatching to your startup script. 5. Add @SLZ to your -servermod lists (ie. -servermod=@exileserver;@admintoolkitserver;@slz;) And it works well, except for spawn in client.rpt of the following error: Error position: << 0) then {"-:--:--"} else {[_countdown > Error Common error in expression File A3\ui_f_curator\UI\displays\RscDisplayCurator.sqf..., line 297 Error in expression <meLeft; _countdownText = if (_countdown < 0) then {"-:--:--"} else {[_countdown > And one error in server-side .rpt "Exile / log: ERROR: [BIS_fnc_activateAddons] The function can be activated only during the mission init." Has anyone come across a similar one?
  22. Yes, it could be nice. I have the same errors with the zeus module in the editor.
  23. DEH4NK

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Add this to your mission 1. _veh1 = [ [ [(_pos select 0) -75,(_pos select 1)+75,0] ], _group, "assault", _difficulty, _side ] call DMS_fnc_SpawnAIVehicle; 2. private ["_veh", "_veh1",.....]; 3. _missionObjs = [ _staticGuns+_baseObjs+[_veh]+[_veh1], [_vehicle], [[_crate1,_crate_loot_values1]] ];
  24. DEH4NK

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Compare any mission file with each other, I think it will become clear.
  25. DEH4NK

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    What missions do you use for this? Use these https://github.com/redned70/DMSBanditMissions/tree/master/missions/bandit