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  1. U.S. 25th Infantry Division pushes forward on Japanese positions. Balete Pass, 1945.
  2. Hi Part, The terrain I'm working on will be big enough to cover ALL Commonwealth movement during the landings and the action in Oosterbeek and Wolfheze. The map features all Landing and Drop Zones. It even supplies the Supply Zone Y which was ambushed by German forces just northwest of Arnhem. Because it is hard to make a good looking city with the limited amount of assets I have at my disposal I could not bring myself to doing it. The map is made with Dutch and Allied maps from the time and I try to recreate is as good as I can, with a very small amount of freedom to work around missing assets and to prevent a too big of a workload. If I don't forget I shall post some more images of the terrain in the near future to keep you guys updated to that aswell.