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  1. Tatanka88Hun

    First weapon mod - need help to start

    Can you direct me to this two mod? A lot of mods are running under the same name on steam... :/
  2. Dear modders! I'm absolutely new in Arma modding, and I need your help to start, because I don't even know, which program to use for modifying the databases. We are speaking about Arma 3 Single player, I have the Arma 3 Tools installed from Steam, I guess, that is everything I need, since I'm about to modify only the mass of all the weapons, ammo and gear in the game. I have a collector's aproach in every game I play, that is the same thing I want to achieve here, don't want to become immortal, just want all the available stuff (Weapons, ammo, gear etc.) picked up (preferably), and not spawned in my backpack! I think, it is enough to modify only the mass of those items, so I don't have to worry about stamina etc. I have watched some tutorials, but I think they don't point me in the right direction, they try to explain how to do much more sophisticated modding, which I'm not interested in. So again, I need to modify only the mass of weapons, ammo and gear (uniforms, vests, helmets, medic/engineer etc. tools and so on...)! What files do I have to use for my mod, and how to edit them? Thanks for your help in advance, and I apologize for my bad english! :) ps.: I know, there is a Super Soldier mod by 2Fast, which can give me what I want (and much more), but it was ast updated back in 2014, and it does not seem to work with the current version. Also, if you can show me similar mods, I'll be happy to use them instead of making a similar.
  3. Can't get this working... :( Running current steam version, 1.74.14xxx I see the button right in place, but when I click on it, I get this error message: "Script @YQ_MOD\data\scriptInit.sqf not found" Although the mentioned file is there. Does someone using this mod right now?