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  1. Safenor

    Argo points dissaperaing?

    That i understand, but you still dont understand my question. I have at several occasions gotten two - 2 - points when ranking up, one "standard" point and one "bonus" point. At least happened three or four times as I remember (like every second or third time i ranked up). In the beginning it was said this only happended on premium servers, but I dont know if thats true. I am premium member, dont know if that matter either. Either way, I received more points than the standard one per level up, and when resetting these are lost!
  2. Safenor

    Argo points dissaperaing?

    What is the "bonus" skill point then? Which one get every other time one level up. As in you get two argo points instead of one point?
  3. Hi all Got a question about skill tree reset and Argo points. So we all know we get one argo point for each level up, but that we also every other level up get a bonus point - so two points instead of 1, which is great! This means that if one e.g. are at level 20, one will have more than 20 argo points. Why is it then that when you reset your skill tree, you will only be left with the exact amount of argo points as your level (e.g. level 20 then 20 points). This means by resetting we loose hard earned Argo points. Just did a reset and I got less points than I had which is really frustrating - bascially wasting reset cash and having to rearn the points.