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  1. Hi! I got following on my Arma 3 launcher and it causes my measurement device page to go away for moment... Why is battle-eye trying to block a library that is totally unrelated to game? 26.11.2018 15:42:52 - Blocked loading of file 'C:\Program Files\Agilent\IO Libraries Suite\LxiMdnsNsp.dll'
  2. Usually AIS has nice configuration file that mission creator uses to set can downed unit use the radio. Most times its good when unit cant, our team loves it and helps us keep chatter up that we will notice fast if someone has dropped from comms and might need help. Sometimes as Zeus i use it as advantage to see how well teamleader is actually keeping count of his team. If all players get the "you cannot use radio in bleedout" message, it might be a bug in somewhere how mission was done... Contact the mission creator and ask them to check their AIS configuration.
  3. Would love to see this immersive aspect implemented, tactical networking aspects would create new scenarios for dedicated radio operators to keep the radio systems operative and defending their structures/vehicles. Already could see this enhanced to the arma3 sensor overhaul datalink send/receive/broadcast functions somehow included in this, to provide information from battlefield to the commanding elements and other units! But now were just going to move to tfar 1.0 to test out the repeaters and etc on our zeus games :)
  4. EddieX


    I decided to post this here too as i commented on steam workshop page of the mod too: " Last night i observed the following on the updated Achilles: Sometimes the AI seems to start "rave"-party with the vehicle lights when the lights are forced on in Achiles, and the AI decided to stop the engine (unit was forced to "CARELESS"). Sometimes the teleport selection (multiple players inside one vehicle. ticked the include vehicles) causes the vehicle to become posessed by bad omens, and even if players get out but the vehicle still keeps teleporting around (kinda like it is selecting the centerpoints by all the players who were inside the vehicle? Have to play more around to find reliable way to reproduce.) --> Video: https://youtu.be/vhTGci_XM6w Still this mod helps a lot! :) "
  5. EddieX


    Thing came into my mind at this late on night, that could the 3den "edit terrain objects" thing be implemented to Zeus from Achilles, so we could control building destruction states, door states (open, closed)? (there is the lock doors allready, i know.) BTW after laws of war update the Achiles seems to add two "cas bomb strike" modules, but both of them work same way. If i take achilles off, then i see the cluster module and the regular bombing run module on normal zeus interface.
  6. EddieX


    I love this thing, helps and adds features to zeus that allow the game be exciting again and again, cant wait it to update CAS modules for Laws of War clusters... Keep the good work up! :)
  7. EddieX

    Laws of War DLC Mines

    I think the drones AI refuse to co-operate with you if your score gets too low and you switch to "sideEnemy" for them. Try setting your player to colonel (base score +7500) or use "addScore" to adjust your score/rating. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/sideEnemy https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Rating_Values On the normal branch: I've seen our unconnected Darters take off automatically (which btw was bit un-immersive) after friendly fire and vehicle mass destruction (which too is bit un-immersive but fun!) on Zeus multiplayer. When the player score was evaluated and adjusted to 0 or more (Zeus ran addScore globally to us all), users could again connect to UAV:s.
  8. EddieX

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Here's my 10 cents: Vans: All of their doors should be operable from drivers position atleast for opening, and closing of doors (like ambulance backside) should be able to be carried out by person standing near the door. On the service variant the yellow lights are hard to see on daylight (using default settings). Ambulance is somewhat noticeable but could be better. NATO CRV-6e Bobcat (the "antimining" engineer vehicle): The blade seems to have animation, and is used on the minicampaign, but nowhere else (or i missed the key)? Give players option to adjust the blade height for de-mining purposes like you can adjust commander camera on Strider with Q and E...
  9. EddieX

    Laws of War DLC Mines

    Thank you for your answer! Great to hear that !
  10. EddieX

    Laws of War DLC Mines

    Im curious, can we use/control the blade of the bobcat now for de- mining ap mines?