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  1. Ok so bassicly I am not able to play on servers with an missin file bigger than 50 Mb. I guess it has to do something with my internet speed. Because I do have 100 KB/s download. And yes its true I have 1k. So I guess battleye is kicking me of cause it takes to long to download every thing. But I do appreciate all the help from you guys. Thank you.
  2. Ok? I thank you all for your help but I can not change anything on the server it is not made from me or my friends it is a server which 50-100 people play on. Like I said Roleplay Server, thats why the mission file is so big because they map the shit out of this map and there are endless scripts on the server.
  3. Am I wrong? Its a Life Server Tanoa Life Roleplay. its about 58467KB. And as far as my knowlege goes I think this is 58MB isn´t it?
  4. Hej guys, my problem is that every time I join a server with more than 50MB mission file I am getting kicked by Battle ey (Client not responding). Ich have no mods aktive and I am joinen no mod servers. I am Joinen, getting a slot, Downloading the Mission file and after I donwloaded it I get kicked. I also checked the mission file after downloading in my Arma 3 Document but it says 0KB. Help Please!!!