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  1. I am using a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick as a form of Gunnery item. In real life there are tanks and helicopters where the gunners are using a joystick or two to control and fire the main guns and missles of the Vehicles. I was able to set the Joystick to the tanks, IFVs, and AFVs weapon systems so i could get better accuracy and better feel for being a gunner with a Joystick. My problem is mainly with Helicopters. I cannot seem to be able to use my Joystick as a Gunnery option in a helicopter and we all see a joystick in our persons hand when flying and gunning in one. Anyone know of a way to map the keys to be able to use the joystick as a gunner in Arma 3? Anyone who has an idea of how please help me. Thank you!!
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    Using a Joystick as a Gunnery Item

    Thanks Anzu for the reccomendation. I'll go and try that when i get on.