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  1. Any ideas for writing a script to spawn of the new LoW cluster bomb? I've been reading this post and I'm guessing it's not simple. I tried: _b = "Mo_cluster_Bomb_01_F" createVehicle ((getpos curatorCamera) vectorAdd [0,0,-1]); _b setdamage 1; The bomb gets created under the curatorcamera, but disappears as soon as you move the camera. Info on the bomb I've been trying to spawn: CBU-85 PylonMissile_1Rnd_BombCluster_01_F→BombCluster_01_Ammo_F→submunitionAmmo[] = {"Mo_cluster_Bomb_01_F",0.93,"BombCluster_01_UXO_deploy",0.07}; Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!