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  1. I've been playing a little while but I've hit a block. Whatever I do, once it is one on one, I lose. Sometimes (but rarely) I take the other guy with me. But usually I just end up in the dust. Maybe my reactions are just rubbish, definite possibility, but I'm not convinced. It might be my net connection too slow? Or computer? Or am I just doing something plain wrong? It's reaching the point that I'm thinking of quitting entirely.
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    How to get better

    All understood. However I'm not really talking about the tactics here but when you both come around corners and see each other at the same time. 9 fights out of 10, I die and the other player doesn't. I'm level 13 and I get taken out by level 3 etc pretty much every time. I'm not sure the weapon matters much in this situation. I know the areas well enough now, I know where I'd ambush and have been ambushed in the past.
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    Wow, can anyone tell me how to get hold of the cheat AAIIMMWWAARREE..NNEETT is using? It's really impressive! Meantime I'd advise anyone who sees that name (pretty distinctive) to log out of that particular game
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    Already done that