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  1. Hi everyone, Hi bought the game some days ago. After finishing the Training mode with mouse+keyboard, I decided to use my XBox One controller to play the game (better for plane, tanks..). After assignating the controls for the first time, all worked perfectly good. But one days later, as infentry, the aiming function, assignated to the right joystick suddenly stopped working. However, the aiming function is working in tanks. What I did: -Uninstall/reinstall the game -Delete/create a new profil -Restarted numerous times the complete assignation of the fonctions (even using the "Empty" one) -Contacted support -Checked my controller in other games (which is brand new) But nothing works! It's important to notice that even when using an other empty key of the keyboard (like "Y" for exemple) as "Aim Up", there is no result in game. I contacted support but they were seriously useless because they are telling me the problem is from the controller, because "Arma 3 as only a partial controller support" (But the problem is obviosly not from the controller). So I m asking you guys, have you got something to help me? I was pretty hyped about this game, but this is serioulsy killing it.. Thank you for reading me Cordially