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  1. I am starting a Unit that has the same logo and tag as an old WW2 unit but this unit is modern day. We have a server and a TS and am in search of dedicated people to fill Platoon and Squad Level positions and have the dedication to recruit and stay active. If you feel like you are the right person for the job please head over to the ts at
  2. 82nd Airborne 508th-PIR 82nd Airborne Division 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment "FURY FROM THE SKY" Website: http://www.82ndmilsim.com/ Teamspeak: ts.82ndmilsim.com The 82nd Airborne Division is seeking intelligent, mature, and professional individuals 18+ (16+ with waiver) to bolster its ranks and uphold the high esprit de corps of the division. Our goal is to provide a realistic operations environment using proven techniques and methods for command and control and infantry tactics including a high standard of training for personnel. Our view is to encourage collaboration, integration, and teamwork with an emphasis on seizing the initiative. Currently, the 2-508th Parachute Infantry Regiment and the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade provide members a variety of immersive experiences, including but not limited to: Air Assault with supporting Close Combat Attack, mounted patrols, establishing tactical casualty collection points, manning checkpoints, along with fully integrated military occupational specialty codes and a general staff system. Our members include many types of people including confirmed military veterans from various countries around the world. The 82nd Airborne Division is a diverse unit where everybody is to be treated equally and fairly. We have a zero tolerance policy with regards to racist, sexist, or prejudiced behavior. We accurately replicate real-world combat from the perspective of the 2nd Battalion 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, United States Army. We aim to provide the most realistic combat experience within the confines of the ArmA 3 engine, using a variety of game modifications to enhance our gameplay. We Offer Experienced Unit Leadership by Combat Veterans Professional HHC Company High level of Organization Weekly Dynamic Sandbox Unit Operations Weekly BCT/AIT Valuable Skills & Life Experience Apply at http://www.82ndmilsim.com/ Or join us on Teamspeak!