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  1. 7th Armoured Divsion With roots in the War Thunder Community 7th Armoured are looking to branch out into Arma and create a historically accurate unit based on the famous Desert Rats using combined arms tactics. We've picked two units that served together historically and are looking to form a Platoon of the 1st Rifle Brigade (Mechanised Infantry) and a Troop of 5th Royal Tank Regiment utilising period equipment, structures, and tactics. We already have a solid player base, server complete with mods, and teamspeak but are looking to fill our ranks with like minded gamers to allow us to organise full scale missions with German WW2 milsim units from within the community. As a milsim unit we are aiming to be quite structured but have always prided ourselves on our relaxed and friendly nature so we hope to find a good balance. If you're interested in finding out a little more about us or would like to join, please either send me a pm, leave a message here or join our Teamspeak: and ask to speak to an NCO/Officer.
  2. Sabre Private Military Company Sabre Private Military Company [SPMC], is one big Military Company that has 4 different branches to the Company, they being, [SPMC] The Infantry Corps, [CCAF] The Air Force, [SAC] The Armored Corps, [SLC] The Logistic Corps. The choice of which Corps is obviously down to you but just to help you decide I shall go into a brief summary of what Corps does for the company and other details about the company in general. We have a Standard that you must follow so that you don't ruin the Military Simulation for everyone so a Level of maturity and professionalism is expected to be followed and maintained at all times unless told other wise, other then that we are quite chilled out, we have a very basic but good rank structure as well and each rank comes with there own responsibility's. SPMC: In this Corp there are the people that go in the first to the Area of Objective and scout any armor and report it to the air force or the armored corps, also they go in to the Area of Objective and eliminate the enemies like you would expect them to do. CCAF: In this Corp there are the people that obviously do all of the things that a normal air force would do like CAS (Close Air Support), Operate Attack Helicopters, Transport Helicopters and Transport Planes also if you don't want to fly you can always be a side gunner for a black hawk or main gunner for a Apache, what ever floats your boat we most likely can make you do it. now once you start doing a role you don't have to stick to it forever but on the other hand we may ask you to move to another role if we don't have the numbers to run smoothly in that role. SAC: In this Corp there are the people that Gun, Drive and Command the tanks there isn't much to say apart from that really. SLC: In this Corp there are the people that just wanna still help out but don't wanna risk there life and get killed so they might choose this Corp and do Logistical things like driving in convoys to help Fuel the Tank Platoon or drive a truck to a Infantry Battalion to help them rearm. TeamSpeak 3 IP: sabrepmco.teamspeak3.com People who you can contact: KaoS (Head of the Air Force) (1st choice of contact for all Corps) Steam Account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Kaos_GaminG/ Bandit (Head of the Whole Company) (2nd choice of contact for all the Corps) Steam Account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BanditiSabre/ Please feel free to come on at any time we don't really have a age restriction but obviously would like older maturer people that are semi decent at the game, but nothing says that they cant apply, we are looking at buying our own ArmA 3 server but we need more numbers to make sure that it is used all the time, so if any other units have a server and wouldn't mind sharing we would be more than happy to pay a percentage to help. Thanks all and I hope to see you all in the Battlefield, MAF. KaoS.