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  1. About Us The 1/75th Ranger Regiment aims to recreate present day army ranger operations. In the real world 1st Battalion is one of four battalions the fourth being a Regimental Special Troops Battalion. Our goal is to create an environment people enjoy being in by promoting professionalism and creating custom scenarios for all of our operations. Not only do we have 1st/75th RR we have a 160th SOAR Battalion attached to us. They provide 1st Battalion with Transport and Close Air Support throughout all of our operations. Training The 1/75th Ranger Regiment has a two phase training for anyone that wishes to become a Ranger. The first phase is Recruit training and second being Ranger Assessment & Selection Program. Both of the trainings teach you the basis for you to be effective in the unit and how we operate during our missions. Our Mission: Our Mission In Creating The 75th RR Is Foremost To Make A Community Where People Are Happy. We Believe that Fun and Professionalism Go Hand in Hand. We Want The Happy Balance That Brings Responsible, Professional People Into The Unit And Evolves It Into Something Better. Suggestions Are Something We Encourage, As We Know That There Are Always Ways To Improve. What We Have To Offer: A 24/7 Teamspeak Server That We Will Use For Operations And You Are More Than Welcome To Bring Your Friends To Play Games Here Dedicated Arma 3 Servers Custom Made Operations Tailored To Our Needs A Custom Modpack Created To Increase The Realism In Game. Dedicated Command Staff, Willing To Listen And Make Adjustments To Benefit The Unit. How To Join: Create An Application On Our Website, If You Need Help Feel Free To Jump On Teamspeak And Talk To A Recruiter! Requirements To Join: Minimum Age Of 17 (Can Be Waived But Will Be Difficult) Must Have A Valid Copy Of ArmA 3 And A Valid Player ID. Must Have ArmA 3 Apex DLC Must Have Teamspeak 3 And A Working Microphone Must Not Be Apart Of Another Modern Era ArmA 3 Milsim Unit Ability To Attend Unit Wide Events Willingness To Attend Trainings Of Platoon and Squad Contact Us! Our Website - Http://1st-75thrr.Ipbhost.Com/ Teamspeak - 75thrangerregiment.Teamspeak3.Com Steam Group - Http://Steamcommunity.Com/Groups/1st-75thRR Also Feel Free To Add Us On Steam!http://steamcommunity.com/id/Deckedmongo http://steamcommunity.com/id/CMuniz/ FAQ’s What Is The Age Requirement? - The Age Requirement Is 17 But It Can Be Waived. Do I Have To Have Apex Right Now? - You Do Not Need Apex The Day That You Join But It Will Be Necessary For You To Finish Your Initial Training. What Are Your Operation Times? - Our Main Operations Will Be On Sundays @ 1700 PST/ 1900 PST/ 2000 EST And Team/Squad Trainings Will Be Dependent On Where You Are Assigned. Keep In Mind These Times Are Flexible And Subject To Change!