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    How DO you eat and drink

    To eat and drink, you right click. Right Click On A Mac Best of luck. ^^
  2. PhantomFlower


    Thanks. We really should have a sort of wiki for this game aha. I have found a few, but none of them are completed. Like they were started, but then lost interest. The most completed one is the one that I linked, but even that has some missing information, and some inaccuracies.
  3. PhantomFlower


    Very nice bit of information, thank you. :) Also I found this while searching for something else aha, some of the information is inaccurate, however it should prove useful. Mini Dayz Guide
  4. PhantomFlower

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    I am also experiencing this bug... :( **Updated After running a game on Veteran mode, what OP initially posted is true, however, the score is still logged in the leader boards, despite the message upon death of it being Novice, and no score displayed.
  5. PhantomFlower

    List of game breaking bugs+tips for improvement

    I disagree with touchibg the screen to aim, too complicated, however I do agree with the targeting system being improved. Cirrently you sort of have to weave around until your character targets who you wish. Not reallt a comment on auto melee. I could honestly probably go eother way, but it would add a little more clutter to the UI, coupled with movement controls of the game likely wouldn't be an option.
  6. PhantomFlower

    Mini DayZ Stories

    Hey not so fast though, I found this on reddit... https://www.reddit.com/r/MiniDayZ/comments/6qx9ip/new_game_regular_mode_and_found_this/ Nuko Cola XD
  7. PhantomFlower

    Can't play MP

    Hello, Considering the fact that Mini DayZ has no "official severs" it could be possible that you are simply "lagging out" though I would not find this as likely, as my internet is pretty freaking slow and I AM able to connect, though not really able to play proper aha. You also might try another browser, if possible, though I do not know of any browser compatibility issues, also try clearing cookies before trying to connect again.
  8. PhantomFlower

    Admin Commands

    Hello, While I am unable to really answer your question. I may be able to provide some information that will resolve your question faster than waiting for a response. You can download the server files for mini dayz and host your own, you would then be able to check for any admin commands. Also if you happen to live in NA, that would be wonderful, as we have no servers... ;( Mini DayZ Server Files Best of luck to you. :)
  9. It was initially planned, though at the moment they are almost exclusively focusing on mobile version.
  10. PhantomFlower

    Web Version Bugs 1.4.1

    For now they are currently focusing on the mobile version, though eventually I believe they plan to implement these features into the browser version. However, I always believe that all of the features currently available on the browser version, will one day come to mobile.
  11. PhantomFlower

    Web Version Bugs 1.4.1

    This unfortunately not a bug. Character saves have currently not been implemented for multiplayer... :(
  12. PhantomFlower

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    *items dropped from within a building, beside the wall, will drop the item outside. However you are not able to pick up the item from the inside. (Version) **iOS 10.3.3 **MDZ 1.0.9
  13. PhantomFlower

    Web Version Bugs 1.4.1

    I am using Opera browser.The issue may also just be caused by latency to the connected server. I have not tried (single player) to recreate the bug.
  14. PhantomFlower

    Web Version Bugs 1.4.1

    There is another thread on the forums for reporting bugs. ^^ Regardless though, when playing multiplayer when it transitions from day to night, my character will vanish, and the screen will be stuck. (Sound effects still work, however nothing appears on screen) after a few moments of this, character will reappear somewhere random, and it will be daylight.
  15. PhantomFlower

    IOS Game Center

    I really dislike Game Center anyways, however I noticed that it is not unlocking achievements for some reason, is there a way I can force it to sync or something? Thank you in advance. :)
  16. PhantomFlower

    IOS Game Center

    Oh right, thank you.
  17. PhantomFlower

    bleeding difficulty

    Lol random... ^^
  18. PhantomFlower

    Multiplayer for mobile

    Though they are not able to comment at this time, I honestly do hold faith that multiplayer will be implemented into mobile eventually. ^^ Enjoy the game in the meantime. :)