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    Help for crashing

    Hello Sergeantmitchell, Older models of the iPhone, and iPad, I would say prior iOS 9 does seem to crash more often than later models. This bug has been reported in the past, and the developers are working on a fix. We want to know if the issues are linked to specific devices or OS versions so if you want to share information about the issue, please let us know on: support@bistudio.com and add when did the game crash/freeze, if there was an error message or something similarly unexpected. Thanks for your support!
  2. PhantomFlower

    Enjoying this game

    No I am not a dev, just someone who is very active within the community, and very interested in the future of this game.
  3. PhantomFlower

    Multiplayer for mobile

    SyoSin, It is very wonderful that you enjoy the game, and that you are willing to take the time to offer suggestions and improvements to the game, but also please take the same care in keeping our forums neat and organized. We have tags, as well as a search function on the forums to help keep everything organized. Thank you. ^^
  4. PhantomFlower

    Multiplayer for mobile

    The current situation on this subject remains the same. They are aware of the desire from the community for this feature though there is no current plans or announcements to add it.
  5. You should be able to add more tags. Edit your first post, just below Topic you should be able to update the tags there.
  6. You are unable to actually delete the post, however you are able to edit the post with the second option at the bottom of your post to the right of quote. You can edit the topic in the same way, using your first post within the topic. :)
  7. Um, please no. ^^ On a side note, when/if multiplayer is added, it will likely be identical to the browser version. Also considering this game is VERY similar to DayZ, and this game is 100% free forever, this will never happen. However there are several other games that exist that are sort of like the features you have suggested.
  8. PhantomFlower

    Game center not getting updated

    I was able to test on an Ipod, and a iPhone 7 and the scores were updated correctly to the leaderboards. Though as I mentioned, the death screen did not reflect this, leaving all stats blank as well as displaying the wrong difficulty level. You have checked game center correct? I would suggest sending in a support ticket. Screen the death screen, as well as the leaderboards afterwards. Also it may be a good idea to periodically screen your score. Send an email to SUPPORT: >>support@bistudio.com As for all of your items disappearing from your character, I have experienced this slightly. I loaded into the game and no items were spawning. Simply restarting the game though fixed the issue for me and I have not experienced it since.
  9. PhantomFlower

    Game center not getting updated

    So I have tested on two devices, and in both instances the leaderboards updated accordingly. Once on veteran, and once on novice difficulty. Though I did notice that in both instances the visual bug had occurred. I primarily play on my Ipad and so my scores are much higher, and thus would take a considerable amount of time to test this.
  10. PhantomFlower

    Game center not getting updated

    Hello Oni Yen, This is the first time I have heard of this happening. I know sometimes there is a visual bug when playing on veteran mode, that when you die it does not list any stats, and displays the difficulty as "Novice" however when checking the score it updates accordingly. So it is possible that it only happened this one time. Are you able to try again and see if the same thing happens? Give me a few minutes and I can test this as well.
  11. PhantomFlower

    Ad drops

    So when I first began playing, I was able to auto skip the video, and still receive the loot, it was amazing aha, now I am stuck watching the video all the way through. Anyways, I have never experienced empty boxes, though there have been several occasions where I was unable to click the air drop button until for several minutes.
  12. PhantomFlower

    Enjoying this game

    Hello, I am really glad to hear you are enjoying the game so much, I do as well, and that is why I am everywhere trying to keep the game active and known throughout the world ah. Welcome to the second island. :) I have noticed this as well, the friendlies to tend to shoot you a lot, basically you just need to go into a town/city and just hide out in a house until they die, or kill all of the zombies so you can walk about freely. Lots of people have built bases, there are lots and lots of photos on the Mini DayZ reddit. When you get to the third island, and weeks into run, zombies become more numerous. Also on the third island guns and ammo spawn A LOT more often, requiring you to find extra space, which is where tents come in, and you must protect your tent from zombies and looters, thus you build a fence, and barbed wire around it, and this is where base building comes in. It is very relevant to build a base, but not really until third island.
  13. PhantomFlower

    Minidayz mobile version tents

    Okay sounds good, and a very nice haul so far. ^^ I just started a new game, tomorrow when I have some spare time to play I will test this as well. I was literally just throwing everything into my tent, and then noticed that some items were missing that I had thrown in there. So I easily had thirty items there before I noticed. It also expanded into two arrows on the side, to scroll through the list. Best of luck to you on your run hopefully all goes well.
  14. PhantomFlower

    Minidayz mobile version tents

    The way the answer from the dev was worded, does imply that there is no limit to the amount of storage. However when playing today, I noticed my items from the tent were disappearing. Did not have time before I died to confirm if they were vanishing from the ten hour item re spawn time, or from a sort of capacity. I am also on iOS.
  15. PhantomFlower

    Minidayz mobile version tents

    Muliplayer as in co-op would be a nice addition to have, but also would still leave something to be desired. Of course human players would be smarter than the ai, however most of the time I prefer to be alone, as my survivor friend just gets in the way. Also, adding only co-op to this game would make it far too easy. With multiplayer, at least other hostile players would pose a greater challenge. When I team with an ai survivor I can just dominate until they die, it becomes easy mode. If my teammate were as smart as me, it would become very simple. Aha if any of these even makes sense. The more I think about a multiplayer mode for mobile version of Mini DayZ, the more I realize that it appears to not be initially intended for like at all. There would be lots of changes required to the game to make it work. Otherwise it would just be a gimped/tacked on feature.
  16. PhantomFlower

    Minidayz mobile version tents

    Hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong, but in my personal experiences so far, I have not noticed a difference in look as far as difficulty. The only difference in loot spawn that I have noticed so far is between the islands. Weapons and ammo are FAR more common on the third island, while tents are less common. I have found an SVD on Regular difficulty, though have not yet found one on Veteran, or Novice. I actually just died and am starting another game soon, I will pay more attention to this and let you know if someone has not clarified the answer by then. I would really enjoy seeing more content added to the game in terms of gear, and also something with the map. Though I have been thinking and multi-player may not work well with "islands" they are far too small to have any reasonable amount of players on them at the same time. I would personally like to see the map more as "a whole" rather than several different islands.
  17. PhantomFlower

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    In game time survived stat do not update correctly. I assume this stat updates according to your longest run, and not cumulative? However, after surviving for 500 minutes and dieing, it did not reflect that. I can not say for sure w hat it was prior, but it was two hundred something, and updated to three hundred something.
  18. PhantomFlower

    Where to find nuko-cola? (Mobile)

    When I did on my,cirrent run, perhaps I shall join the great nuka cola hunt.
  19. PhantomFlower

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    The only requirement is that it is an open space, it should work, just click the green check mark. What version OS are you using? I can attempt to check on my android device. Also I suggest sending in a support ticket with as much detail as possible. Best of luck to you,
  20. PhantomFlower


    I can see them dropping their clothes, and weapons. Perhaps they are supposed to and it's a bug. Sounds to me that's the case.
  21. PhantomFlower


    I found this answer on reddit. I came across one and picked up a radio. You could put batteries in it for a charge and use it to locate crash sites which had some loot.
  22. PhantomFlower

    List of game breaking bugs+tips for improvement

    Agreed game needs to keep its level of difficulty.
  23. PhantomFlower

    More Stuff

    In my personal opinion, for whatever reason, the browser version is harder than the mobile version. Anyways in my experience with the mobile version, the game decides if it will give you mostly water, or mostly food, the perks you choose concerning these factors also seem to determine it. Weapons and backpacks are very hard to find, the way they should be... Check military bases for a higher chance at these items. You are also able to create improvised bags, (burlap sack & rope). Best of luck to you. :)
  24. I appreciate all of their work and dedication as well. I almost wish they would provide a way to for players to help support development with donations or something. ^^
  25. PhantomFlower

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    Have you verified that both of these weapons have remaining durability?? Also which OS are you using? **Update I ran into this bug as well, was unable to chop trees. However, switching weapons worked for me. This happened with the fire ax.