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  1. Jerdman


    just tested you can get in the rubble or bipod on it to hide slightly
  2. Jerdman


    I have sat in the dip an waited before too that's why I am wondering
  3. Jerdman


    was he inside the rubble or in the little dip?
  4. Jerdman


    You can also go to the top and go up the ladder and get a great view of spawn areas but you cant get down if they are taking the point. What is really bad is the people who glitch in the crate at c so they can stop the capture once it starts.
  5. Jerdman


    how about getting on top of the tanks
  6. Jerdman


    If you pick pistol you can prone run up a rock on farm and was wondering if that was a glitch and I didn't want to get in trouble
  7. Jerdman


    What classifies something as a glitch? I know going past doors are glitches because they are meant to be closed like on the airfield but would you get in trouble for what about getting on top of rocks by pulling out your pistol and crawling up the rocks? If there are no barricades to stop you but they seem like you shouldn't be there would that cclassify as a glitch spot?