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  1. Sorry It is a pity that he is no more. But I vseravno put this card on your server!
  2. Great card !!!!!!!!!! Question: Will it be supported, since I'm going to use it on my server?
  3. MesserWolfs


    Oh sure ! It will be other models. Complex of models for the mainland and for the sea
  4. MesserWolfs


    The design of the bridge has been suspended for the time being from the relationship with the master. Master Hakuda - is blocked for not fulfilling his obligations to the game context and for refusing to correct his technical mistakes. The answer is - the type and so will go for them, if money does not pay. All communications with him are severed and I notify the community of this. A person uses a wolfy contact of other authors and issues numerous attempts and advertisements of his resource for his work to get him out of the black market on a white sheet of his excellent works failed successfully. It is a pity, because there is a talent. Simply put, he began to demand money for correcting his technical mistakes in modeling.
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    Do not understand?
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    The project is temporarily not available
  7. MesserWolfs

    RH Pistol pack

    Hi I read the topic now and how your fashion was stolen This is very bad and such people must be punished I hope that you will give the world your weapons I will hope