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    Silly ragdoll

    The ragdoll in this game cracks me up! I wish I could have recorded all the times I shot someone, and they flew 10-20 feet in the air! I decided to make this tread to share silly moments of Argos ragdoll. I recently just thought of it. I missed out on a TON of great moments that had me laughing hard. If you have any of these great moments. Please give them a share! I will start off by sharing some recent ones that made me giggle. I have had so many funnier moments, but missed out on them since I can't record this game. CRAMP! You're a wizard Harry! Peek a BUTT!
  2. Oshzak

    Servers missing ???

    You can host a server to play with your friends. If you want to play online with friends. Simply join a game, and they can join off of you form steam.
  3. Oshzak

    Update 1.01 Borked :(

    I have seen less team killing this patch. It's not the end of Argo. The player who quits a game based on a patch is a complete moron. This is a free to play, and it is a great one. People expect way to much from video games now a days. I enjoy a game for what it is. I also know what the developers have to work with on this project. It's not much... Argo has a few bugs, but nothing game breaking in my opinion. I like the fact I can just click a game mode. I hated going into server browser just to find a game.
  4. Oshzak

    Should we report

    @R0adki11 Ahh well that would makes sense
  5. I'm sick of toxic ignorant people who toss around racist/discriminatory words. I am no snow flake, but I don't need to see and hear these losers every time I play. Should we report ignorant people who use the N word or are extremely discriminatory ? Would anything even happen to them if we did? Where would I report them if they would receive punishment?
  6. Oshzak

    Should we report

    Thank you, I don't remember seeing that report a player option.
  7. Oshzak


    Ok, http://steamcommunity.com/id/tpgnubby Thank you for the reply. Xbox DVR won't record Argo. I'm trying to figure it out, so next time I have video proof.
  8. Oshzak


    Match was fine until Nubby joined the game. A few seconds after he joined. I received the Error in the photo below. You could only see his head and weapon. His body completely disappeared. He was shooting us from under the map. After I called him a loser, and asked everyone to kick him. He started blaring some sort of very loud horn in the game. It was not coming from his mic, but from in the game itself. I had to quit the match since somehow I was disconnected then reconnected. Fear for my safety and my ears bleeding I quit the game. I guess I am going to have to start recording my gameplay to catch losers like this. It really saddens me that we have idiots like this who rune other peoples fun. I'm sure her wont get banned since I have no video proof, but I am sure someone will report him again in the future.
  9. Oshzak

    Player using bug

    Yup, Have played with this guy before. He also likes to go into the steps, and the Tower in airfields.
  10. Oshzak

    Internal Server Error

    Yup, I have been having this problem all day. I'm tempted to just play as a guest.