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  1. Defining Configs in description.ext

    I am working with the CBA Addon. Would it be part of the mission or a seperate addon?
  2. Telling AI squads to re-arm in zeus?

    Can we reopen this? I am working with modded infantry, and so i can't even confirm that moving AI next to ammo would do anything. This is a huge barrier if you ever make a zeus mission where the curator has limited troops to throw at you, as once they are all out of ammo they are toast.
  3. How do cost tables work?

    bump? ive been trying to make a zeus mission, and have only iron front addons show up, and on top of that i wanted to individually set the price.... Has anyone successfully even used a cost table? because even the example they give on the wiki is broken, it only shows the cars.
  4. Defining Configs in description.ext

    How do UAV bags even assemble? isn't that inherit functionality?
  5. Defining Configs in description.ext

    No it is not placed. I want it so that if it ever was placed by the editor/script/zeus, it will already function the way i wanted it to function. All LIB_AmmoCrates_NoInteractive_Large was going to be a box that i was going to add an add action too. I am a little confused on why i need to mess with patched and functions to make this work?
  6. Defining Configs in description.ext

    Applying it globally will ensure that its attached the object regardless if its placed by Zeus, script, or the Eden editor. In this case i just wanted to add functionality to this useless ammo box. If i did it via script, then i would have to add an event handler to the curator which is a pain in the ass to have it sift through all your addons checking if you placed something it needs to manipulate. Here its just implied that if there is an ammo box anywhere on the map, that the player can go up to it and get curator points. I probably will do this to add functionality to other props, so that the curator has an incentive to place certain items that otherwise would be useless.
  7. Defining Configs in description.ext

    Hmm any examples of someone doing what I'm trying to do? after reading those wiki's I'm even more confused on what I'm suppose to be doing.
  8. Is it possible to add an action to all objects through the description.ext? like? class CfgVehicles { class LIB_AmmoCrates_NoInteractive_Large { class UserActions { class CollectPoints { displayNameDefault = "Collect"; showWindow = 0; hideOnUse = 1; displayName="Collect"; position="action"; radius=0.10000; onlyForPlayer = 1; condition = true; statement = "this addAction ["Collect", {myCurator addCuratorPoints 0.15}]"; }; }; }; }; which the code doesn't work because i keep getting the (something) instead of ''' error. Anyway if its possible, i want to do this route instead of doing init code as this would mean that all objects placed by editor or Zeus would be affected.
  9. Make second in command playable.

    0.0 hmmm.... No idea where to begin with that. Could you give an example?
  10. addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { params ["_dead"]; if (_dead in switchableUnits) then { addSwitchableUnit (units _dead param [1, objNull]); }; }]; This makes it so that when a playable entity is killed, their second in command becomes playable. Well if you test it, if you kill the first 2 guys really quickly, it doesn't work... or well the code works, but i don't know how to articulate what i want it to do. I know its because its selecting the 2nd item in an array, and it takes time for the array to readjust, but i don't know a compact and effective way for it to fix it self in case the first 2 units in the array are killed.
  11. Need help with limiting zues

    Woops wrong section, welp. Hopefully a friendly moderator will move it. Anyway this seemed to work but its giving me generic error in expression. _this call {(myCurator select 0) removeCuratorEditableObjects [[this],true]}; It doesn't like how i used "myCurator select 0". but if i get rid of select 0 and just use myCurator, no errors but the script doesn't work!
  12. Only able to edit around players?

    I guess i wasn't clear enough, Well anyway i figured it out. myCurator addEventHandler [ "CuratorObjectRegistered", { myCurator removeCuratorEditingArea 0; myCurator addCuratorEditingArea [0,position player,100]; } ]; This baby right here will basically redefine your editing area when ever you open the interface up. It might need some tweaking to become MP compatible, especially when you have multiple zeuses.
  13. Need help with limiting zues

    class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class Man { init = "_this call (compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'classes\antiCheat.sqf')"; }; }; ^^ this is what my description ext looks like private "_this"; _this = _this select 0; if (side _this == east) then { (allCurators select 0) removeCuratorEditableObjects [[_this],true]; }; This is what my Anti cheat looks like, to keep zues from being able to edit the opposing forces :P. If you replace the remove curator editable objects with _this setDamage 1; Then you get an island filled with dead people! which is good because it means that everything is working except for that bit of code.
  14. Is there a way to make it so that zues can only spawn objects around a certain unit? Like a truck or other movable HQ? I am making an rts type game.