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    Ban? 0_o

    Hi. I've been playing all afternoon without problems. I left the game momentarily (I wanted to upload steam screenshots) and when I return I find that my password is no longer saved. I write the password and I can not enter. The message "User is temporarily banned. [0x2000]" appears Any ideas? Obviously I am an honest player. Thank you!
  2. xParaxBellumx

    bipods bug

    It's really very very annoying. Especially since the only solution is to reset the skills and at level 25 that costs many credits. Please fix.
  3. xParaxBellumx

    Supressors V

    Oh! Thx! :D
  4. xParaxBellumx

    Supressors V

    Twenty-five skill points. Points to get to DMR III. Twenty points. We have five left. Points to get to SUPPRESSORS V, ten points. Hello? What's the point?