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  1. Video is private but ACE 3 has an option called (if I remember correctly) ammunition cooking. When something containing ammunition is destroyed the ammo inside keeps burning and exploding. You can disable it in the objects attributes or disable it completely in the options
  2. Mr H.

    Get unit insignia

    Perfect! thank you both!
  3. Does anyone know of a getter command that would return the unit insignia set by subscribing to units online? Just to be clear I know GetUnitInsignia but it doesn't return the insignia set by belonging to an online unit.
  4. EDIT: this description is waaayyy outdated, I ,alas, have been very lazy with documenting all it can do... Best way to know everything it has to offer is to read the changelog of releases which I DO keep up to date and documented. One day I promise I will document everything....😉 MRH Milsim Tools is a mod aimed at expanding the possibilities of scenarios for milsim units, as well as adding permanent features to missions. It is first and foremost meant to be used in milsim scenarios in multiplayer. Though some features will still work in SP, a lot of them will not behave properly in a single player environment. Please also note that a lot of the mod's features are built around the premise that most milsim units send dead players to a 'respawn bunker' from which they cannot escape until the end of the mission. So when killed a player will be considered 'dead' by the mod. An admin, or the use of the JIP menu can reset that status but if you use a different respawn scheme some things might not work properly. While some parts of the mod are plug and play, most features will require to be added to the mission by the mission maker, and as such require some basic scripting knowledge. A lot of tweaking options are available from CBA options menu. This mod is in constant WIP, the idea being that each time I develop something for a mission for my unit I will include it here. Current version: 1.17.6 Full guide, frameworks and features here: https://mrhmilsimtools-arma3-mod.wikia.com/wiki/MRHMilsimTools_ARMA3_Mod_Wiki Git hub issues here: https://github.com/MisterHLunaticwraith/MRHMilsimTools/issues Source code here: GitHub repository And download here: Download on steam workshop. localization: French and English Requirement: CBA_A3 ACE3 Features: **Core features:** Fully configurable team roster. You can change team roster color theme, decide if you want to display AIs and AI groups, even show all sides in the roster. Tracking of dead, alive, disconnected, reconnected players. Players will be flagged 'dead' by the mod if they are killed and respawn, allowing you to know they are dead even if the 'alive _x' scripting command returns TRUE. The mod keeps a registry of dead and disconnected players, you can decide to kill players that where flagged dead upon disconnecting when they reconnect (optional). Player intel data: Role, rank with NATO code, customizable rank insignia, radio frequency. Alongside CBA's option to change group name in the lobby, you can set a radio frequency for each group. In the team roster,and on the soldier's tablet the name you defined for the group will be shown instead of default Arma group naming (Alpha 1-1 etc.). Radio frequency is optional, can be set and will be shown in the lobby and on the player's PDA but does not affect either ACRE2 or TFAR radio frequencies. Admin warnings for current death toll. Whenever a player dies, admin is prompted a hint (this feature can be disabled). You can set a percentage of acceptable death ratio upon which the admin menu will automatically open allowing you to end the mission or allow players to respawn. Setting to remove map for players that are not formation leaders AFTER the briefing screen. Players with a map in their inventory will keep it during the briefing stage, useful if you do your briefings before launching the mission, but if you enable this option, only group leaders will keep the map once in game. Short automated cut scene when players join in. A small cutscene where the camera moves from above the player to first person view will play (locally of course) when the player joins the game (optional, can be disabled). Removal of disconnected players bodies. Bodies of disconnected players will automatically be deleted thus preventing looting by other players! (optional, can be disabled). Enhanced and configurable JIP menu. Whenever a player Joins In Progress the JIP menu will open allowing them to rejoin their group (optional, can be disabled). You can decide to show all sides in the menu (useful for PVP missions) and include AI groups with playable units. The player can join any other player they select, if the selected player is in a vehicle and the vehicle has free cargo place the player will be moved inside the vehicle. Players cannot join other players if their vehicle is full. Players inside a vehicle are marked with an icon, the icon is red if the vehicle is full. The mod includes a function to turn any object into a JIP menu access point. When the JIP menu is used, a small cut scene plays for the teleported player and if they where flagged as 'dead' the mod flags them as 'alive' so you can use it to allow dead players back in the game. Powerful admin menu. The admin menu can only be opened by a logged in admin and therefore doesn't work in SP, it includes a lot of features, mission statistics, dead players, etc. From the admin menu you can end the mission with a default ending or with any ending defined in the mission's cfgDebriefings. You can reset a player's status if they have been flagged 'dead'. You can heal all players (ACE damages) or just the selected player. You can remotely open the JIP menu for a selected player or for all dead players. You can see the selected's player location on the map and apply some preset punishment for a given player (chicken on head, push ups etc.). Punishments can be customized from the mission's description.ext. Last but not least you can remotely edit any player's equipment (opens ACE arsenal). PLEASE NOTE: As of now, limitations to ace arsenal only allow you to change uniform, vest and helmet and their contents. Backpacks and equipped weapons cannot be changed. I will work on a workaround solution in the next update. **Soldier PDA and framework** The mod includes a PDA item that can be accessed through ace self interactions >> equipment if the player has the pda in their inventory. Access to personal data, map and team roster Default tabs in the PDA include player self intel,a map (can be disabled) and a team roster. Stopwatch, alarm and timer functionalities The PDA has an alarm app that allows players to set an alarm or a countdown timer and includes a stopwatch feature. Possibility to send, receive and collect data and pictures. From your mission description.ext you can predefine data and pictures that can be added to the tab's gallery app or to the tab's data app. Each data or picture can be given separately and therefore discovered mid game. (2 functions are included that do just that). Data can be shared and transferred between players if they are within a ten meters radius of each other. **Fiberscope** Fiberscope Item The mod includes a fiberscope item that allows equipped player to look under doors (ACE self interaction >> equipment). It only works if you are next to a door or a window. **Vehicle spawner module** Vehicle spawner The mod includes a function to turn any object into a vehicle spawner, you can select what type of vehicles (see, land, air, all of them) the spawner will allow you to spawn. Mission makers and admins can decide which mods/ dlcs and factions are available from the spawner. The spawner works fine with vanilla assets, RHS, CUP and PROJECT OPFOR vehicles, some vehicles from other mod might not be listed properly depending on the mod's config files. **Radio chatter module** Play ambient radio chatter from a radio prop The mod includes a function to turn any object (but preferably a radio prop) into a random radio chatter player. The radio can be turned on and off (ACE interaction) effects are global and the same chatter is played on every machine. By default I have included a US military radio chatter channel (with samples taken from the excellent TV show Generation Kill) but you can create your own channel with custom sounds either from the mission's description or by packing them into a custom addon (if you do so, please share!). **Map markers** Customized map markers I have also included a shit ton of customized map markers all of them are available to mission makers, and some of them (not all, so has not to overcrowd the icons tab) to the players. **Hacking and downloading tool** A hacking tool object is included, you can still disable a CBA option if you want to allow players to perform hacks and data download without the item in their inventory. Hacking and downloading tool item Two functions are included to make objects hackable, while hacking or downloading content players can still move but they have to stay within range of the objects. **Miscellaneous functions for mission makers** In addition the mod includes several functions designed to make mission maker's life easier: Elevator simulation Timer Check when all alive players are on board a vehicle Automatically fill given ammo crate with ammo fitting the player's weapons Automatically refill ammo crate with infinite ammo/ items Remove unit's nvg (regardless of the mod they come from) Remove ACRE2 radios Search object/ person function ACE3 simple conversation interaction MP compatible sit unit on chair with release condition Splashscreen with customizable image Static line parachute jump Travel time ETA HVT capture and surrendering function **New features: v1.13** -Enhanced map object, replaces the vanilla one, can be put on the ground and shared, folded in the corner of the screen etc. - Heli taxi system -Support requester via grid coordinates input for: artillery strikes, CAS, supply drops. -Zeus invisibility toggle **New features v.1.15.0** *Added new functionality : Parachuting addon (Halo Gear) -Features: * 2 Masks and 2 Parachutes with auto opening possibilities (CYPRES II Auto Activation Device). *Special HUD for Halo Mask *Chances of mask breaking (Halo Mask With ESS only) *Emulation of Hypoxia effects *Configurable key to open parachute (default SPACE) instead of scrollwheel action menu. *Objects that are attached to the player with ace interaction (IR Strobes chemLights etc) will also appeared attached when the chute is deployed. *Fully configurable
  5. However, though I do not provide help to people doing such things, the mod is completely open source, you are free to reuse parts of it or it's entirety, modify and redistribute it. You don't need my explicit consent to do so. The only conditions are that you give proper credit and provide your own support for modified version. Your work will also have to be distributed under the same licence and conditions: ADPL-SA. That includes p3d file for which I can happily provide the original blender files. I'm not much of a modeler so if you come up with better models consider donating 😉
  6. Sorry but nearly everything in the mod relies on the use of ace 3 (not only the interaction menus but also functions etc.) removing the dependency would be such a huge work that it clearly won't happen.
  7. I've got an object with multiple hiddenselections they all work well but I'd like these selections to use different UVsets, I do have the uv sets in object builder but I don't know how to make a selection use a specific uv set.
  8. @Dedmen will the corresponding hidden selection texture use this uv set also ?
  9. Then I'm not sure what's going on. I thought maybe there's a texture randomization script for buildings that fuck up yours but couldn't find anything in the config file (wasn't a thorough look though). Is your texture size a power of 2 (as it should be)? Also for the record you do not need to export to fbx and then work in object builder, there's a blender addon out there that allows you to do everything in blender and export directly to p3d just Google it I don't have the link at hand right now.
  10. does it have several resolution Lod? is the texture applied on all?
  11. This is the wrong forum for this question you should move it to https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/162-arma-3-addons-configs-scripting/ As per your question, might be several explanations. What exactly is your object ? What class does it inherit from ? Does it have several resolution LODs? Is the texture applied to all of them? You should post your config and a rpt to get better answers.
  12. Mr H.

    Language of the AI

    They have the models but are straying behind because they are short handed of people able to integrate them in game. It will come out eventually.
  13. I don't see anything wrong, I'm not at my computer to test it. Check for hidden characters that might be copied along with the code from this forum it's a known issue. Also if you're trying it from the console the commented parts will throw errors.
  14. Replace the condition itself eg if !(_objects isEqualTo []) then etc.
  15. You don't need it actually just modify yours _bool = !(_objects isEqualTo []);
  16. _objects will return an empty array if there are no targets nearby anyway. So use something like if (_objects isEqualTo []) then ...
  17. _fnc_deleteObjectsWithinRange = { params ["_objetcs","_posOrObject"]; { if ((_x distance _posOrObject)< 300) then {deleteVehicle _x}; } forEach _objects; }; [_myArrayOfObjects,_myDesiredPos] call _fnc_deleteObjectsWithinRange; // will delete all objects from _myArraYOfObjects within 300m from _mydesiredPos
  18. Also if it doesn't work try: _this call HG_fnc_aiUnitSetup Instead of [_this] call HG_fnc_aiUnitSetup EDIT: yeah do definitely do that
  19. Change Extended_Init_EventHandlers to Extended_PostInit_EventHandlers
  20. A while loop keeps cluttering the scheduler and a forEach inside makes it even more resource consuming. Plus you have no guarantee that after a while the script will execute properly. An event handler on the other hand only fires its code once.
  21. Mr H.

    Minefield not deleting

    I have the same results as @killzone_kid that it doesn't work for you is very strange. If you copied pasted from the forum you might have taken hidden characters along (known issue here)
  22. Mr H.

    Minefield not deleting

    My test mine was placed in editor so not created by script. Spawn the minefield and watch player nearObjects ["MineBase", 100]; see what it returns
  23. Mr H.

    Minefield not deleting

    The only way I could get the mine was with (player nearObjects ["MineBase", 200]) "APERSMine" didn't work, neither did "APERSMine_Range_Ammo"